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Best Advantage of Direct Marketing in Your Business

What is direct marketing? This is one of the most popular marketing methods today used by many people for their sales purposes. And if you are observant, you will realize that you have encountered this form of marketing many times in your daily life. Check out the following article for more information and great tips to take advantage of Direct Marketing methods in your business.

What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is a system of activities that businesses perform to attract and measure interactions from customers directly. The purpose of this marketing method is to establish, maintain and develop relationships between businesses and customers using available customer information and data such as email, phone number, address

Direct marketing is divided into two main groups of tools:

  • The traditional group includes tools such as Direct mail – postcard, Brochure/catalog (Mail order), Telemarketing, Newsletter, Coupons, discount codes, Direct Response Advertising, Door to door marketing.
  • Modern tools have been developed in recent years such as Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media.

What are the steps to build a direct marketing campaign?

Step 1: Define your goal

For market research

Direct marketing allows businesses to provide information about the characteristics and trends of the market based on customer samples and their feedback. The analysis of customer reactions allows businesses to capture the market, locate target customers, provide feedback, understand their wants and needs about their products, the breadth of their needs, and determine the factors affecting the purchase, purchase motivation, and consumption of goods of customers.

To build relationships with customers

Maintaining close relationships with customers is an important factor for successful and effective business profit growth. The implementation of Direct Marketing to build relationships with customers will help businesses increase sympathy, customer satisfaction, stimulate them to return and gradually become loyal customers of the business. . Conversely, at any time, an unhappy customer can share their opinion angrily via social media channels and on the revenue’s website and negatively affect its reputation. and your revenue.

With sales goals

Direct marketing is also an effective method to help you quickly increase revenue for your business. With introductory content, product descriptions, or attractive selling offers provided directly to potential customers, businesses can completely carry out sales activities through this Marketing method. If a commercial relationship already exists, the direct marketing process will be even easier to motivate them to continue buying with attractive offers.

Step 2: Build data

Next, to build an effective direct marketing strategy, we need to understand, data is an important factor determining the success of the entire strategy. Currently, on the market, there are units for sale, providing data for businesses to do direct marketing. However, the accuracy and reliability of these data are difficult to verify, in case the audience we reach through this data is not the target audience of the business, it is likely to lead to negative results, counterproductive.

Some ways to collect data help businesses meet expectations such as:

  • Collect data through your sales history
  • Collect data by doing surveys
  • Collect data by organizing contests, promotions

Step 3: Choose a tool to implement direct marketing

Direct phone

This is a traditional and popular tool that has been applied in Direct Marketing from the first days and until now. With the advantage that the conversation between businesses and customers is not stereotyped, but can be flexibly changed according to each customer, businesses can obtain information in the most specific and detailed way. In addition, businesses can easily gauge the interest and attitude of customers towards their products and brands.


With the advantage of quick implementation time, convenience, and easy measurement of results, many businesses have used this direct marketing tool for many purposes such as promotion, product introduction. , send thanks, congratulations, … to your customers. Moreover, implementing Marketing through this tool helps businesses save maximum budget and time.

Advertising at the point of sale

Point-of-sale advertising allows businesses to reach customers at the right moment when they are making a purchase decision. With this form, businesses can create high credibility for customers with instant verifiable, convincing recommendations. Moreover, launch promotional programs, give discount codes, coupons to attract customers to buy. Many businesses around the world have realized the great advantages of this form, especially in products such as electronics, cosmetics, etc., which can allow customers to experience products directly at stalls for sale, accompanied by trial goods, promotional goods, and discounts codes.

Event organization

With this tool, businesses will have to spend money and effort to be able to build an event to implement Direct Marketing, but the effect that this form brings is extremely large. With several types of events such as gratitude, anniversaries, grand openings, etc., businesses can promote their products directly to customers and at the same time receive suggestions to improve their products. Overcoming the shortcomings, and above all, a successfully organized event will bring a positive impression and image of the business in the hearts of customers.

Step 4: Measure effectiveness and adjust if necessary

Each communication activity must achieve certain results and bring about certain effects in business activities, so it needs to be carefully measured. For direct marketing, to measure the effectiveness of activities, businesses can compare the effectiveness that each marketing content achieves with the initially set communication goals. Besides, businesses can also compare the costs to be spent between different tools to achieve a specific unit of measurement. With data from direct marketing activities, businesses can adjust their strategies by their marketing goals in each specific period.

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Above is an article about direct marketing as well as tips for leveraging Direct Marketing methods in your business.  Hopefully, the article will provide you with the necessary and useful knowledge in applying this powerful form of marketing to achieve the most effective business goals.

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