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Top 5 Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Business

If you own or are beginning a business, you already know that you can’t run it efficiently without a well-organized scheduling system. However, for those firms without the financial resources to engage a full-time administrative assistant, there are a plethora of great, simple-to-use appointment-scheduling software tools to choose from.

There are a number of advantages to employing software to handle your appointment scheduling.. Aside from allowing you to recapture time that could have been spent running your business or serving your customers, appointment scheduling software may boost employee productivity and improve the customer experience, both of which are critical for attracting and keeping repeat customers.

What is appointment scheduling software?

Appointment scheduling software is a commercial tool that helps professionals and companies schedule and book appointments more efficiently. Appointment scheduling software, often known as online booking software or appointment booking software, provides the following five important functions:

1.Customer service scheduling: Gives clients access to a company’s calendar of specialists so they can schedule an appointment.

2. Staff Scheduling: Assists business owners in keeping track of their staff’ schedules in real-time.

3. Automatic Reminders: Allows you to send clients automatic reminders (through email or text message) about forthcoming appointments.

4. Calendar Management: Allows you to add appointments/meetings to your calendar and share them with colleagues in different places.

5. Real-Time Automated Engine: After submitting an appointment request, you can quickly confirm or refuse it.


The 5 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

Organize your company hours and arrange appointments quickly. Connect with your clients from anywhere, at any time, regardless of time zone.

Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Make the greatest use of your time by planning your days.
  • Employees have complete control over their schedules.
  • Clients and workers will receive personalized appointment reminders via SMS and email.
  • Access with a browser or a smartphone
  • Make plans for a huge group of people to attend classes.
  • You can take online payments with the Stripe integration.
  • Syncs calendars with Google, Outlook, and Office 365, as well as social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Slack.

2. Square Appointments

Given its position as a leader in small business payment processing solutions, Square’s foray into the appointment booking software market should come as no surprise.

Individual or small groups of service providers can utilise Square Appointments to gain the same simple, easy-to-use technology as their Square POS. Some of the user-friendly features are as follows:

Customers can only book online during the times you select, with time automatically opened and closed based on the calendar you’ve linked. Send reminder emails and messages to clients on a regular basis using Google Calendar.

It is possible to examine employee schedules from many locations.

3. Acquity scheduling

Acuity Scheduling shares many of the same fundamental functions as the previous two appointment scheduling software choices on this list, but where they differ is in their extensive customer-facing solutions.

When your customer schedules a session, they’ll fill out a digital intake form so you can learn more about them ahead of time. You can provide packages, memberships, group classes, subscriptions, certificates, and add-on additional services to give your customers even more options. Customers can also pay immediately after making a reservation.

4.Giga book

GigaBook is the most customizable appointment scheduling software on this list. Users can specify the amount of persons, rooms, and equipment required for each appointment slot, as well as factor in setup and breakdown time, allowing your team to properly manage their time. (According to several customer reviews, there is a learning curve while setting up GigaBook because there are so many things to explore.

5.10 to 8 

If you prefer to talk to your clients whenever you have a chance (as most small business owners do! ), 10to8 gives you another way to receive valuable feedback.

Like other appointment scheduling software, 10to8 allows you to send automated appointment reminders, but clients can reply to your messages to confirm, cancel, or seek appointment changes. SMS, email, Facebook, Slack, and the 10to8 dashboard’s chat function can all be used to send messages.



Using the correct scheduling software can help you organise your business more efficiently. If you manage an online store, for example, you must schedule inventory deliveries. If you’re a freelancer, you’re generally responsible for numerous projects at once. These are only two of the many reasons why scheduling software should be used by many firms. Does any of this apply to your company? If that’s the case, scheduling software could be beneficial to your company as well!

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