How to Pick the Best Dot Net Application Development Company

How to Pick the Best Dot Net Application Development Company

Nowadays, there are hardly any companies that do not use the web and mobile apps. Not using apps means losing out on a major chunk of potential customers. However, the thing is, there are plenty of platforms and tools using which such apps can be developed. Nowadays, a lot of brands hailing from various sectors opt for the .NET framework for customized application development. They often hire suitable and reputed dot net development services.

Why opt for Dot Net development

It is not without solid reasons; so many brands are opting for .NET application development. This open-source framework made by Microsoft has been laden with features, and its stability and versatility have improved over the years considerably. It has been in the scene for over a decade, but the popularity and user base have grown steadily. 

Dot net framework can be used to develop scalable and functional applications for various platforms in a short time. The framework is useful for making feature-rich mobile apps, web apps, and 3D games. Of late, its use in developing enterprise applications has gone up. It is also compatible with several Microsoft tools and third-party applications. However, to extract the most out of the framework and develop a killer app, you will have to hire a top and reliable dot net application development company.

Ways to pick the best dot net development agency

Given the popularity and huge demand for Dot net development, it is only natural that you will come across a lot of dot net application development agencies. Not all contenders will be suitable for your application development needs, for sure. You have to assess and compare the agencies on some major parameters. These are:

  • Experience and profile- At first, you have to check the experience of a vendor offering .NET development services. You have to check how many years the agency has spent in this sector. Veteran .NET development entities have long expertise, and they are also likely to have several high-profile clients to their credit. Try to find out if the company has already worked for clients hailing from the same sector as yours. 
  • Portfolio- Any dot net development companymay say lofty things about its clientele, profile, and standard of service, etc. However, you have to assess the apps developed by it based on the .NET framework. Check the apps developed by such contenders and look for security, agility, and performance. 
  • Reviews- A top .NET development agency is likely to have a large client base. It will be good if you check its client’s opinions and reviews. This can be done online without hardship. You may check agency websites along with their social media profiles to find candid opinions.
  • Response- Always look out for the response given by a .NET development agency before you think of hiring it for application development. The top agencies will explain their service details and resolve queries you may have. The response should be prompt as well. In fact, you may expect a consultation session when you get in touch with such agencies. This can be either in person or over video conferencing.
  • Service terms- Before signing up for the services of a .NET development agency, make sure you read its service terms and policies carefully. You have to know about the cost and support-related details, for sure. Ignoring this may make you face trouble later. 

Ways to find and hire suitable .NET developers and agencies

If you are not familiar with any Dot Net development agency, do not worry. There are many ways to find and hire such service providers.

  • You may start by using an online search with terms related to Dot Net development services. You may include keywords like price range and location to get more accurate results.
  • You can very well use job portals and online platforms like Glassdoor.
  • In the top social networking platforms, you can find groups and communities dealing with Dot Net development. You may find some veteran developers in such online groups.
  • You may use professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing, goodwill, and Fiverr to find and contact such agencies.
  • It is also fine if you make use of professional references to locate Dot Net development services.

Picking between a Dot Net development agency and a freelancer offering such services

It is hard to say whether picking a Dot Net development company or a freelancing Dot Net development professional will be better for your brand needs. It depends on your budget, application usage needs, and long-term goals. There are freelancing Dot Net developers who have worked for high-profile clients, and they offer better value for money than typical agencies offering similar services. However, for brands seeking a number of applications within tight deadlines, picking a dedicated Dot Net development company makes more sense.

Is outsourcing a good option for Dot Net application development?

Nowadays, a section of companies is opting for Dot Net development outsourcing. This can be useful if you want a cost-effective Dot Net development solution. The offshore Dot Net development agencies may offer lower rates than their regional counterparts. However, keep in mind that you will have to cope with some uncertain factors by selecting Dot Net development outsourcing services. Ensure you check the company’s reputation and analyze service terms and support provisions carefully. Factors like time-zone differences and linguistic differences have to be assessed as well. 

Traits of a reliable, skilled Dot Net developer

Before you sign up for the services of a Dot Net development professional, look for some key traits.

  • Proficiency with C# and Visual Studio – As it is, C# is a widely used language for making functional and scalable .NET applications. So, a .NET developer should be well-versed in the language. Such a person has to be an expert in nuances of Object-Oriented programming concepts. Good knowledge of Visual Studio is a must. It is the default coding environment for C#.
  • .NET framework skill- The developer has to be an expert in the .NET framework. The person has to be skilled in using .NET Framework Class Library and Runtime.
  • Knowledge in related Microsoft technologies– An ideal .NET developer should be proficient in major Microsoft tools and technologies. Knowledge in ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core is required. These are required for developing aesthetic web applications and diverse cross-platform applications. 
  • Consistent skill updating- A professional .NET developer should always be mindful about updating his/her skills in the framework and allied technologies. Microsoft keeps on enhancing the platform, and so this is a prerequisite. 
  • Relevant Certification- This may not be mandatory. However, a .NET developer with advanced Microsoft Certification can be relied upon for developing complex and functional applications. Certification like Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer matters in this context.

Wrapping up

The Dot Net platform is ideal for making scalable, cross-platform applications. You have to hire a reliable and professional development agency with a large clientele and an impressive track record. Based on your need and budget, you can opt for outsourcing or hire a freelance Dot Net developer too. In any case, assess the contenders using the vital parameters.

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