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5 Best Tools Generate Colors Palettes for Visual Branding

Colors play a vital role in branding communication or sales pitches. Different colors Palettes have different impacts and that is why the top brands of the world carefully choose the colors that look appealing to the eyes and have a precise visual message to deliver. 

By strategically mixing the right colors in the right proportion you can also convert your business into a brand. In this post, we are going to share some details about some of the tools that will make it easier, quicker, and straightforward to create outstanding color palettes for your visual communication.

Before we start let us understand the different color schemes and best practices to follow:


It contains the same color in varying shades. Used by top global brands the monochromatic color palettes are quite simple to make and easy on the eyes. Perhaps that’s why they are among the most preferred shades for top global brands that frequently use these color palettes for their marketing visuals. 

Many online businesses also use this palette to increase site visibility by offering a soothing viewing experience to visitors.


It contains different colors in proximity to one another on a color wheel. For instance, the colors next to the main color you picked can be used as secondary colors for the analogous palettes.


 Complementary palettes include the colors which are opposite to each other as per their position on the color wheel.


The triadic colors are generally used for producing clear contrast in different designs. These palettes consist of three main colors.

Be careful about the colors Palettes psychology

Colors also affect human psychology and also influence shopping decisions. For instance, the black color has an authoritative and elegant look. It also characterizes mystery. So, it is a favorite color of the luxury brands that cater to the demands of high-end customers.

Use the trending colors to connect better with millennial audiences

The trends also affect the choice of colors and how it impacts the audiences. The start-ups’ modern brands den innovative enterprises that focus on millennials seriously consider the current color trends when producing marketing visuals of product packaging.

Note: One challenge with this approach is that trends don’t remain constant and you should always be ready to change and adapt to the latest trends like metro colors, flat color trends, material design colors, etc. While it requires some hard work and brainstorming, the trouble does pay off decently by making your brand an instant hit to targeted audiences.

Use real life colors for building trust and integrity

Real-life colors look very natural and hold a strong element of trust which immediately conveys a visual message confirming the integrity of your brand. One issue is how to use real-life colors while retaining the original charm of your brand and advertising campaigns. Thankfully, you now have a variety of color palette generating apps and tools where you can generate eye-friendly color based on real images and photos.

As we have discussed the ideal tips to follow for choosing the right colors, now we will start by talking about some of the tools/apps that will make it easier for you to create a professional color palette for visual communication and branding:


If creativity is not your cup of tea and you are having a tough time coming up with the color palettes that look appealing, professional, and relevant to your specific brand and niche then Brand colors are the right solutions for you.

It offers a tremendous assortment of color palettes that globally popular brands use for visual communication. So, you can just go there and pick the color plate of the brand you love the most or the one that is popular among your targeted audiences. It will allow you to rub the same charm onto your brand and enjoy similar popularity among your audiences.

 Coolors is a beginner-friendly color palette that enables you to either explore and use different palettes created by other users or create your unique palette to suit your specific creative/branding preference. It also offers you an additional option to upload the images and use them for picking their base colors.

 Once you register on the site you can save the different palettes in the cloud that can be reused as and when required.

Color Hunt

If you are dealing with fashion products or focusing on the young generation then a color hunt can be the best option for you to pick the right color that appeals to your targeted audiences.

The best part is that here you will get a huge collection of carefully crafted color palettes by different designers- both amateur and professional. You will also be able to explore a wide range of palettes based on specific criteria like trends or popularity. It is the easiest, zero struggle way to pick your favorite e palette and quickly proceed with the design.

However, if you want to have a unique signature of your own on the branding then you can also make your color palettes. Though the process demands creativity and some hit-and-try approach, it is the right option for people with good creative skills.


One of the major concerns while picking the colors palettes is how the design will look when you apply a specific coloring precisely solves this issue with its unique feature that lets users see the live preview on a sample design. It provides you an exact idea about how the color palette would look when applied to an object. Besides you can also switch between template and website designs or pick either material or paper color designs.

Generating a color pallet with Colormind is a breeze as it requires just a single click process. Besides, you can also make a color palette from your favorite e images.

Color Designer

A color designer is the tool that is more suitable for people with advanced skills. It has several unique tools that let you produce fully professional color palettes. You get three unique systems for creating color palettes namely color picker, swatches, and mass editor.

After picking the base colors you can also explore various shades and tints from a massive list to create an appealing colon symphony.

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To enjoy a unique position in the market, you need to choose the right colors that instantly communicate your message to the eyes. Choosing the right color palette could be a daunting task though. In this post, we discussed some of the best tools to pick the right color palette for your brand to give it a unique visual appeal.

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