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Best Ways to Keep Your Metal Building Cool During the Summer Heat

Wherever you live, there is probably a time of year that is warmer or cooler than others. Every year, summer arrives, and the temperature begins to rise. It’s nice to be able to get outside again after a long, chilly winter. But, no matter how thankful you are, the sun’s heat may be suffocating. That is why you need to have a safe place to stay.

Safeway Steel has the solution, whether it’s altering the color of your roof, adding a building accessory, or incorporating a steel construction system, offers a solution. We’ve collected a list of suggestions to help you keep your facility cool or warm.


When the weather is hot, air escapes from structures. During the summer, a constant flow of more temperate air flows from the structure. And, as your structure loses cold air, hot air is brought into your home to replace the air you’re losing. Thermodynamics at work. Simply said, heat is continually looking for balance; it flows from hot to cold until everything is the same.


When it comes to insulation, it’s not just utilized to keep your home warm in the winter, either. Cooling older and younger buildings with this method is also quite effective. Adding insulation to the structure of your building might help you save money on heating and cooling. Because different forms of insulation are necessary for different climates, building types, and purposes, you should check with an expert. Insulation should last at least 6 to 10 years. When the guaranteed time on your insulation expires, try to refurbish or replace it with a fresh layer of insulation.

Sealing your home

The thermostat can be used as your ideal temperature-resistant building. Therefore, your home should be airtight, like thermostats it should be safe. Your building should be totally airtight, preventing heat air from entering. Building energy efficiency improves significantly, and cooling systems are not needed to work as hard to keep the building cool.

Heat Barrier

When we talk about how to keep metal buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter, heat barrier insulation is essential. You should improve the insulation system in your roof and walls to the R-Value required by your local energy efficiency requirements if you live in an area where temperatures change.

Ventilation and Ridge Vents

Another simple technique to keep the temperature in your metal building at a comfortable level is through proper ventilation and ridge vents. They go hand in hand. You can keep the A/C from cycling if you leave the windows open at night, and then close them in the morning to keep the cool air in.

 Choose a Lighter Roof Color

Using lighter colors on your building’s roof is like wearing a light-colored t-shirt in the summer since it helps reflect heat rather than absorb it, as darker colors do. After installation, you can change the hue.

Our goal is to make your bespoke home more comfortable during those hot summer days. You’re in luck if you’re looking for a new custom steel building from Safeway Steel. The metal garages, Aviation Buildings, and sheds that we offer can be tailored to match your needs AND your budget! Contact us now!

Reflective Roof

The first step is to inspect your home’s metal roof and either replace it with metal that has a reflective coating built into it or apply a reflective coating to the roof you already have. This will reflect some heat of the sun back into the air, and reduce the amount that gets into your home and help to keep it cool.


Finally, you may assist keep the temperature down inside your metal structure by installing shades or curtains on the windows and awnings on the sides. These keep the sun from entering your property and instantly heating it.

Install Awnings or Metal Canopies

The inclusion of overhangs to the architecture of your building can assist limit the quantity of sunlight that directly hits the external surface. This will assist to keep the inside of your steel structure cooler. If you don’t like the look of awnings or other overhangs, you may get a similar effect by incorporating protective landscaping around the exterior of your steel structure. Trees and bushes, when properly placed, may give shade in the summer, helping to keep your structure cooler!

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