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The warm season is here and it’s time to consider what to wear this year. Sure, you might have some clothing from last year you can still wear but it’s good to freshen things up as well – a new year is a new you after all, so make new memories with new clothes. Browse the most popular collections from Pakistani clothing brands below and pick out your summer wardrobe.

Limelight Eid

To celebrate Eid, the end of fasting, and the beginning of the summer season, Limelight has released a series of stunning, modern, but still traditional outfits for women and men. This clothing range makes use of fabrics to create a layered clothing effect.

If you have an Eid celebration to attend this year then Limelight has the perfect outfit for you, but even if you aren’t wearing it to an Eid ceremony, you will still find some perfect t summer occasions for it – like weddings and parties.


Generation has released their popular series of summer wear sold by Studio TCS. In this summer collection, you will find clothes for women that are ideal for formal or casual occasions. There are many loose-fit shirts and dresses that can be matched and mismatched depending on your personality.

You will also find some more formal wear in this collection perfect for a summer wedding. The formal wear will make you stand out at a wedding even without overshadowing the bride and groom.

Ego Festive Wear

Looking for something colorful and comfortable this summer to wear to the city to meet friends or to the coast to relax by the waves? Check out the Ego Festive wear collection from Studio TCS. This collection is bright, fun, colorful, and relaxed all rolled into one.

Sometimes you want something that looks good but doesn’t restrict you in any way, that’s the Ego collection, in the heat of summer if feeling light, cool, and airy, but it also protects you from those harmful rays.

Cotton & Silk Eid Collection

If you are more interested in men’s wear you might have been feeling a little bit left out so far, so here is so ebbing for you – the Cotton & Silk Eid Collection from Studio TCS. This collection also does festival proud and can be worn on other occasions as well.

In this range, you will find men’s silk shirts and pants that are perfect y for formal occasions in the warm weather. You will feel like a new man after the Eid celebration and you will have something smart to wear for the remainder of the year.


The summer is almost here marked by the Eid celebrations in May. This event hasn’t gone unnoticed in the world of clothing either with some big brands stepping up to manufacture clothing that’s perfect for the occasion. Not only that, the formal wear on offer fits almost any formal or semi-formal occasion.

That’s not all, there are many other Pakistani clothing brands on offer through Studio TCS that offer high-quality clothing well-suited to the warm season.

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