How do I start a career in fashion marketing?

How Do I Start a Career in Fashion Marketing?

The fashion industry certainly looks very alluring and has a strong pull on many who are keen to make their career in this vast sector. Fashion marketing is among the many diverse roles that you can follow in this field and offers a promising future. While many nurture dreams of making it big in fashion, they are unaware of taking the right steps into the industry. 

Guess what! The simplest route for fashion marketing aspirants is as easy as enrolling onto fashion marketing and management from a reputed college, though the journey does not stop there. The fashion industry is vivacious and you have to move strategically to consolidate a stronghold in your career.

Stepping into the Industry:

The fashion industry is extremely competitive and stepping into it can be a daunting experience for a newcomer. The U.K. fashion industry accounts for 5.4 % of the nation’s total GDP which alone showcases how vast and important this sector is.

Hence, studying the right program can be a great way to enter this field as you will have all the required knowledge and will also get to meet and study under the guidance of industry experts.

You will also get to interact with your peers and build a strong network which is essential in fashion. During the program, you will be gain a deeper insight into this industry and its working but you will need determination and a strong strategy to navigate your way up the ladder of success.

Here’s something to remember, marketing is where fashion integrates into business and hence, you have to look for all early opportunities to get your first break.

Fashion Internship:

As early exposure to work culture within the industry is crucial for a fashion student, an internship can be a great help. Through fashion internship, you will be able to get a real-world experience of working in this field.

Often the institute where you study will help you get an internship so you can round off your classroom learning. Often, if you perform well, your internship can turn into a permanent job position. 

Network More:

The field of marketing in any industry is about knowing the right people and fashion also works like any other corporate. You have to look for invites and events where you can run into people who can be of use in your work.

The whole purpose of marketing is to generate awareness about a specific product and this requires having a good reach from early on. There are likely chances of meeting someone who can offer you a good break.

Have an Online Presence:

We are living in a digital world and every professional has a strong online presence for networking and also giving their business a boost. For all you know, this is how you might land your first fashion job role.

Though, for this, you have to build a strong portfolio of your qualification and experience which can include your college project and internship work reference.

Make sure that your creativity and business skills are apparent to any prospective employers on job search engines, brand websites and other social media platforms.


Starting a career in fashion marketing is all about taking the right initiative at the right time. Going for a course from a reputed college is the first important step in this process and then you must continuously build on your learnings and showcase them on the right platform.

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