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If You are Choosing A SmartPhone: What Do You Need to Think About?

Pick a phone!!!

Every smartphone is different. What you need to be aware of when selecting will depend on the use you’re planning to use your choosing a smartphone for. Take a look at what you think is essential about your new mobile in Pakistan

  • What size do you require?
  • What are the most important things you notice concerning the camera?
  • Which operating system would you like to use?
  • How much time should your battery last?
  • Do you require a speedy, powerful machine?
  • Do you wish to receive updates on a regular basis?


Size is a major factor when selecting an Android phone. A smaller phone can fit inside the pocket of your bag and can be simple to use with just one hand. The smaller phones aren’t suited to play games or watch television or movies. Screens that are larger are better suited for this. 

These phones can be harder to operate using just one hand when you have smaller hands, however. Consider carefully what you’d like to accomplish using your phone before you decide which model is best for you.


If you often wish to capture stunning photos using your smartphone there’s a myriad of intricate specifications to think about. To make it easier for you we’ve analyzed the mobile phones upon the aperture size, number of megapixels and stabilization of images. 

This way, you’ll be able to quickly determine if the camera is in line with your expectations. Consider the type of lens that comes with the camera. Wide-angle lenses allow you to capture large landscapes, and you can zoom in from a distance with the zoom lens.

Operating system:

The most popular platforms comprise iOS or Android. iOS is available on the iPhones of Apple and is renowned as a security feature. However, it has few options for users who want to share files with an unApple-compatible device. 

Android operates as the system used by all other brands like Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi. They each have their own shells of applications that are not removable and additional features in the OS. Android One is a stripped Android version that includes periodic security patches.


Are you tired of running from one outlet to the next all day? Choose the right smartphone with a strong battery. The lifespan of batteries on phones is dependent on their usage. To get an accurate, average view of the battery life, we ask each of our customers to evaluate the battery’s life. 

We then calculate the average score provided by our customers. Based on that score, we give every smartphone a rating ranging between mediocre and excellent. You should also check if the phone can be charged quickly or is compatible with wireless charging.


If you enjoy playing games or utilize a variety of apps simultaneously then the speed of your phone is crucial. To assist you we’ve evaluated each phone and evaluated the speed from average to outstanding. We’ll first check if the phone is equipped with a strong processor. 

Also, the RAM is also crucial. The higher the RAM, the greater number of tasks the smartphone is able to perform simultaneously. The operating system can also influence the speed. The more modern the operating system version and the speedier the device.

Update the policy:

Security and software updates are essential to the longevity of your phone. Google (Android) as well as Apple (iOS) provide each year with a software update. The updates add additional features and, for instance, they can improve the battery performance and life that your phone can run. Security updates are issued monthly and address vulnerabilities within your operating system. 

The speed and frequency at which you receive security and software updates differ for each device. The more frequently and longer you get updates the more frequent and frequently you receive updates, the more frequently you will receive updates. We’ve evaluated each phone regarding the policy on updates.

Specific comparators:

Now you are aware of which factors to take into consideration when choosing a phone. However, the decision can be difficult. Perhaps, for instance, are not able to decide between the Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72? 

Are you interested in knowing what the differences are between iPhone 13 and iPhone 12? Check out our comparisons. In each case, we’ve placed various phones in a row to help you pick the best phone.

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