Desert safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai: Experience the Safari Like No Other

When we think about Dubai, the first thing that comes to our mind is the vast plains of barren desert land. Today Dubai is a magnificent and breathtaking modern architecture, technological and creative innovations land. The royal Emirate Dubai, beautiful buildings blend with the blue stunning sky is beauty personified. The best way to absorb the beauty and stillness of Dubai is Desert Safari.

Types of Desert Safaris:

1. Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

Sunrise brings beauty and prosperity to a new beginning of the day. Morning desert Safari helps to catch the desert’s compelling morning views and get loads of fun, thrill, and adventure. You can enjoy a dune bashing ride, a journey on camelback, and a quad biking session. Enjoy a morning sunrise desert safari at the light scattered rolling sand dunes.

2. Evening Desert Safari:

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari is the same as the morning safari, you can enjoy a full barbecue meal and cultural experiences, such as henna, falconry shows, and traditional cultural shows( Arabian belly dance, and tanoura dance performance). It will be a great experience in the evening sand dunes with the setting sun.

3. Overnight Desert Safari:

Overnight Desert Safari

Dubai desert night is a fascinating feeling, immersing yourself in the glory and Majesty of the UAE. Enjoy plenty of activities, fill up a scrumptious meal, watch traditional cultural shows, and enjoy a soulful stay. This overnight desert safari will give you a chance to experience the stunning views of the sun setting and rising over the desert sand dunes.

4. Dinner in the Desert:

Dinner in the desert

If you want to experience the raw exquisiteness of Dubai’s desert, you can choose this one. This allows you to explore lavish barbeque dinners in the desert and also get a chance to participate in plenty of activities that recalls the culture and tradition.

5. Red Dune Safari

Red Dune Safari

Red dune safari is different from others, it brings you deep into the desert to the red dunes. The region is filled with natural beauty, the whole atmosphere feels like a new world.

6. Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari:

Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari

The hot air balloon safari ride in the early morning and uninterrupted view of the sunrise and the sand dunes will take your breath away. It is the most beautiful desert safari in Dubai, that takes a flight and gives you a birds-eye view of the beauty. The 60-minute hot air balloon safari accommodates around 24 people at a time. A guide will recite stories about Dubai’s past and present and a pilot operates the balloon. You can also participate in various activities when you land on the ground. The safari is about 4 hours.

A desert safari is a beautiful mix of breathtaking adventure activities, authentic culture, and finger-licking culinary cuisines. The best part of the desert safari is the dance in the evening. The first one is belly dance, the second was tanoura dance, it is like the dancer spins and he changes his costume, opens up umbrellas, spins skirt and many other movements

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is the most exciting activity of the safari desert. You can drive over through the trails of the dunes aboard a powerful 4×4 vehicle like a land cruiser. The drive blast will give you an amazing memory in your life. It typically lasts for 45 minutes. So blast your dream of dune bashing across the golden sands at exhilarating speeds.

Camel rides

Camel riding is the most breathtaking part of the safari desert, climb on the back of a camel and ride over the golden sand dunes. This exciting ride is an alternative way of marvelling at the desert wilderness.

Quad biking and sandboarding

If you want to discover more in the desert land, you can choose quad biking to hit the isolated dunes, which is perfect for beginners and first-timers. Sandboarding is another amazing experience offered by the Dubai safari desert. All you have to do is to strap your feet into a sturdy sandboard and the stand guide you down the dunes.

Camping in the desert

You can enjoy sleeping in the middle of the desert in the camps underneath the sky full of stars. This is the special feature of any overnight desert safari.

Tips for your desert safari:

  • look for special discount deals online and book your safari trip in advance.
  • Ask for what’s included in the package before buying it.
  • Choose a guided desert safari to include round-trip transfers.
  • wear loose and comfy clothes.
  • Ensure that the dining includes both vegetarian and nonveg dishes.
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