Development of American Literature

Development of American Literature

Like many other colonies of the British, America too suffered. The difference here was that the Americans knew how to free themselves from this reign and be independent. That is what led it to become the most powerful nation today. America does not have a very long history of its discovery. 

But whatever it has, is sufficient enough to highlight how the nation was always on the run for both knowledge and power. American literature has now become an important part of the curriculum of students who are delving into the field of literature. 

Although it is not as vast a field as English literature, it is big enough to be left unexplored by a few. That is the reason why students pursuing literature may sometimes require assignment help for the same topic. 

When the Europeans colonized them, the Americans had no idea about the outer world. They lived in the land which they considered the start and end of the world. As colonization took place and with this exploitation took a rise, the Americans understood the importance of their independence and thereafter fought for it. 

Although America liberated itself from the hands of the British, the fact that it achieved a lot from the same cannot be undermined. The early British officials who settled into the continent wrote n number of letters to their families and dear ones here in England. 

Slowly and gradually this tradition was adopted by the other American natives as well and they started writing letters among themselves. This gave them a knowledge of writing and communication. 

And thus, the earliest period of American literature comprised of the writing of one’s own personal experiences. The works were also comprised of writings by the British, which were non-fictitious and futuristic ones. Several viceroys wrote their own experiences as well as a descriptive account of the place they settled in which made America recognizable as a country. Writers like Nathaniel Ward wrote books on the religious aspect of the country which was central to the then colonized America. 

Therefore, this was the early colonization period in America. There have been several research paper writings that highlight that even poetry saw a small development in this period. 

America moved towards its independence thereafter and gained it in 1776. It has been a clearly observable fact that the political and social happenings of a region are always reflected in the literature of that particular era. 

Therefore, writings post this independence focused on the development of a new America, on the future of the country. The readers in America had by now got a huge glimpse into the world of literature in Great Britain. The readers were well-acquainted with such literature and thus modelled on these works was the development of American Literature. 

Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison together published The Federalist Papers reflecting and shaping the political ideology of the country. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin too gave the readers into American history. 

The year 1789 saw the publication of the first American novel The Power of Sympathy by William Hill Brown. And therefore, as we trudged towards the 19th century, America had a full-fledged and developed background in literature. 

Although the first two to three decades of the 19th century had works that were inspired by British literature yet the subject matter and the themes were purely American. 

Be it the American society or the American landscape, all were explored to the fullest in these works which comprised of novels, short stories, poems and the like. Two of the most popular short stories, Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of a Sleepy Hollow, were published in Washington Irving’s collection of short stories The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent

Very few of us might be knowing that American Literature too had a period of Romanticism. The word simply means focusing on personal experiences and giving more importance to subjectivity rather than objectivity. Along with human feelings and emotions, the movement also focused on the beauty of nature around us. Therefore, America experienced Romanticism a century after England did. 

Edgar Allan Poe was a great pioneer in this field. He has been credited with publishing works that showed a struggle against the convention and a view into the Romantic world. 

His poem The Raven is a sad depiction of the lost love. And the way he uses the rhyme scheme and the meter, intensify the atmosphere of the poem. He tried his hand at writing horrors and came up with The Fall of the House of Usher. The Murders in the Rue Morgue are part of his detective fiction. 

The following Transcendentalist movement has its roots in the works of Ralph Waldo Emmerson, Margaret Fueler and Walt Whitman. Leaves of Grass by Whitman is an important work in this category.

American Literature also saw the poems of the two most prominent poets, Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath. Both these ladies offered a look into the psychological world of a human being. 

The research paper writings focusing on these two poets have declared them to be the ones who dealt with the human mind in the most profound manner with Plath being a confessional poet herself. 

The American Civil War was yet another important event in the history of America. It is well depicted in the novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. The work went on to be a huge one yet the most popular among all. 

Post this period, American Literature did not see a U-turn as we witness today. Several writers poured into this field giving us some masterpieces to explore. Be it Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, Eugene O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh or F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, all focused on the contemporary world with the latter two highlighting the concept of American Dream. Therefore these were a few points about the American Literature that students can refer to while needing assistance for assignment help.

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