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What Are Essentials Tools And Supplies Required For Screen Printing

The different printing techniques need tools and supplies. The screen-printing technique needs some special tools and supplies. If you want to get the desired printing results, then you should invest in premium quality printing techniques. 

If you are a newbie, then you will automatically start getting confused. All newbies are looking for the answer to the question “how to start doing screen printing?” First of all, it is important to collect the supplies and equipment for the screen-printing technique. 

With the help of the screen printing tools, you can get the desired results in no time. All experienced printing service providers have the latest technology tools and materials for screen printing such as screen printing Vancouver contractors.

To print the t-shirt, you may need tons of supplies. You should create the design which you want to print on the tee. After that, get the colors required for screen printing. Some of the top-notch tools required for the screen printing are as follow: 

1. Computer

You need a computer to create the digital design which you can print on the substrate. Install vector software on the computer. For screen printing, vector art is created with the help of Adobe Illustrator. 

Once you have created the design by using the computer, you can easily create the inkjet film which is required for making the screens. Thus, you need a computer where you can create good graphics, vector software such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator.

2. Film Positives

Once the artwork is finalized, then you should separate the design into various layers. You should create a different layer based on the colors in the design. After that, every layer needs to be converted into black to create the film positively. The layers are placed on the mesh screen so that you can create the stencil for every screen.

3. Mesh Screens

In the screen-printing technique, the mesh screen is considered one of the most important tools or elements. After all, the name of this printing technique is screen printing. Place the film positive on the mesh screen. 

Now, degrease it and coat it with the help of the emulsion. The emulsion used in the screen printing technique is light sensitive. When it is exposed to the UV rays of the sun, then it will create the stencil.

4. Squeegee

Once you have got your ink, press, screen, then the next important thing is a squeegee. Every layer of ink is pressed by using the squeegee. It is pulled across the screen to ensure that ink is properly distributed. 

There are various automatic machines which you can use for this process. If you have small batches, then we recommend you use a manual ink press. It is budget-friendly and also helps in maintaining the quality.

5. Flash Cure Unit

The screen printing designs are usually flash dried. Therefore, the flash cure unit also plays a very important role. The flash care unit is comprised of the infrared heater under which the substrate is placed for a few minutes. 

Before adding a new layer of ink over the substrate, the previous ink layer is flash dried by using the flash care unit. 

It will prevent bleeding in the design. It is really important if you are working on dark garments. T-shirt printing Calgary professionals have new technology machines and they can meet and fulfil your screen printing needs and demands.

6. Belt Dryer

In the screen printing process, the last stop is the belt dryer. The belt dryers are available in various sizes, but it is required to use a similar temperature gauge for all tees. 

Once the tee is flash cured, then it will start rolling on the conveyor belt at 380 degrees. It will act as the final cure which will ensure the high quality of the design.

7. Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is equally important along with various other devices. While screen making and reclaiming, the pressure washer plays a very important role. In addition to this, you also need running tap water along with the garden hose with the small springs. 

It is all which you need to use while washing the stencils out. Make sure that you do not spray the water on the printed region of the t-shirt. A Garden hose with cold water can help in removing the excessive ink from the stencils after exposing the stencil to the UV rays. 

A pressure washer is required for stripping out the screen of emulsion, de-hazing, and mask wrapping. The force of water applied through the hose will help in completing the task with the chemicals.  

Final Words

These are some of the important tools and materials required to complete the screen printing process. Make sure that you have arranged all these tools and supplies in advance so that you do not face any problems while printing the design.

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