Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon In The United States: How To Visit?

The place we are going to talk about and end up trying to give some tips on when to go and how to visit so that this tour is magnificent is the famous Grand Canyon in the United States.

This is located in the state of Arizona in the United States and has almost 450 km in length, more than 1.8 km in depth and about 2255 m in altitude.

The Grand Canyon was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 and is located in a plateau region of the Colorado area.

For those who want to plan a trip to the Grand Canyon in the United States, it is important to say that, here there are 4 access options and you need to choose which one you prefer.

The four access options are South Rim, North Rim, East and West, but only the South Rim and North Rim are part of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Now that you know that there are four hotspots to delight in this heritage, we’ll give you tips on when to go here to the United States and how to visit this place.

When to go to the Grand Canyon in the United States?

The answer to that question is: You can visit the here whenever you want, so visits are made here at any time of year.

But do not be so happy with this news, as it is necessary to make some important considerations in relation to time and temperature.

This is because each person has a limit of thermal sensations and each body reacts differently to the sensations of heat and cold.

As the GrandCanyon is located right in the middle of the Arizona desert, it is noteworthy that day and night temperatures here fluctuate wildly throughout the year.

Know that during the summer, the temperature during the day can vary up to 41°C and at night it can reach 16°C.

Thus, it is advisable that tourists take and consume plenty of water and also choose to always be in the presence of a cold sweater.

Months like July and August have stormy days and June is the driest month of all.

In the winter season, not all the park’s highways work.

There are days when the temperature can reach close to 0°C at night, and all stores and visitor centres are not open on the north side, on the south side they work with scheduled times.

How to visit the Grand Canyon in the United States?

The Grand Canyon can be visited by car service, on foot, by boat, by bicycle, by mule, by rafting, by train (to the South Rim), by helicopter and by plane…

But, these last two means of transport are the most used to get to know the places in this canyon.

Now that you know when and how to go there, it’s time to prepare for your trip and enjoy it!

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