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How to Choose a SaaS Framework Development in 2022

The SaaS market is one of the largest segments of cloud computing. It is on an overwhelming growth trajectory. As per Gartner: 

  • The global SaaS market will reach $140 Million by 2022, surpassing both IaaS and PaaS.
  • The investment in public cloud services will rise to $397.5 Billion in 2022.

Going by the numbers, developing SaaS applications will be a priority for any SaaS software development company

IDC predicts the global cloud services spending will reach $1 Trillion in 2024.

Top-notch and highly functional SaaS framework development will carve the route to success. However, it is not always a bed of roses to develop a remarkable SaaS product. It requires high integration of the enterprise environment with advanced technologies

The right SaaS framework ensures the stability, scalability, and security of the SaaS application.

In this blog, we will address the factors to select the right SaaS technology stack as well as the top SaaS frameworks to gallop ahead in this market.

Factors Influencing the Choosing of SaaS Frameworks

Yes, it is true that when the options are few, choosing becomes easier. Yet, selecting the perfect technology framework for SaaS application development can be overwhelming.

So whether you go ahead with a seasoned SaaS software development company or a start-up, keep in mind these factors:

Scalability Needs

The scalability of the apps is a major factor for any enterprise. Both the developer and the client will seek a long term scalable SaaS application. Check and make sure whether the framework is easily scalable or not.

Angular apps are built with scalability in mind. One can extend the potential of Angular SaaS applications much better than React apps.

Code Maintenance

Imagine, many years have passed since the initial development of your SaaS application.

Will you be able to reach out to the same coding genius who wrote the code?

It is better to go with a popular SaaS framework and programming language to build a futureproof SaaS app. It ensures effortless coding maintenance for a long time and future-proofs your efforts.

Decreasing Production time

A shorter development cycle will allow productivity and efficiency.  So, the framework you choose should aid developers in the fast development of the SaaS app. Your SaaS framework must boost software delivery rate through automation, untangling, and simplifying the iterations.

Top Recommended Frameworks for SaaS App Development

Following are the most popular technology frameworks that every SaaS software development company must consider before diving into SaaS app development.


 Angular, an open-source JavaScript framework, is from the house of Google, Angular is the most preferred JS framework, because of Google’s immense support and maintenance.  Its benefits include:

  • An extremely powerful and reliable framework 
  • Builds robust and secure SaaS applications.
  • Allows for scalability, versatility, and flexibility.

For the developers, the angular learning curve seems high and overwhelming. But later on, it becomes easier for them to understand the framework and app maintenance.

React JS

As per Statista, React.js has overtaken jQuery in 2021. According to the reports of a Statista survey, 40.14% of respondents use React JS, while 34.43 % use jQuery.

React JS, an open-source JavaScript library and is developed and maintained by Facebook. React allows developers to access native libraries. These help to build mobile app frameworks and single-page applications using JavaScript. React is a good choice for SaaS development.

Its benefits include:

  • Faster SaaS app development 
  • No need to write from scratch
  • Builds SEO-friendly SaaS applications

As per Gartner’s predictions, by the end of 2022, 70% of web interactions will be through mobile devices.

SaaS developers have been striving to build mobile-friendly SaaS apps. React makes it possible for developers to transform the web SaaS app into a mobile app quicker than ever before.

Many popular SaaS applications like Netflix, Instagram, and Dropbox among others use React JS for reliability and scalability.


Ionic is an open-source JavaScript framework. It is used to build hybrid applications. Ionic enables SaaS companies to leverage resources better by running the SaaS application across multiple platforms, using the same source code. Its many benefits include:

  • Lower delivery time
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Better Profitability
  • Lower Maintenance costs


We have briefly outlined some of the most crucial information a SaaS company must consider before diving straight into SaaS application development. If you are still confused, don’t worry. It is not the end of the road.

EDIIIE is known as a trusted and reputable SaaS framework development company. We are happy to help you in choosing the right technology stack for SaaS development.

Let’s talk business!

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