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How to make money on YouTube

YouTube, commonly known as YouTube, is the world’s largest video site. There are 5 billion YouTube videos being watched every day in the world, and users spend an average of 40 minutes on YouTube. People spend much more time watching videos than browsing web pages.

Many  people are already using YouTube to make money. For example , the Ono Channel in the office , shooting various creative office cooking, is said to have a monthly income of 4.5 million yuan; the famous Li Ziqi channel , filming rural life and food in China, has a monthly income of more than 3.7 million. So both  have the opportunity to make money on YouTube.

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In this article, I will introduce all aspects of making money on YouTube and introduce the many ways to make money on YouTube.

let’s start.

First of all, let’s take a look at how much money can be made on YouTube?

According to a report by Forbes, from June 2018 to June 2019, these 10 channels were the highest-paid channels on YouTube :

Next we look at the core issues:

How to make money on YouTube?

Compared with the relatively single source of income in World, such as the sharing mechanism of Weibo. YouTube’s income sources are more diversified, mainly including the following:

  • YouTube’s own ad sharing
  • Affiliate affiliate marketing revenue
  • Video placement ads
  • Sell ​​products
  • Crowdfunding creative projects
  • Fan rewards
  • Authorize the video to the media

Let’s take a look at each of these ways of making money in detail below:

1. YouTube advertising sharing

For many YouTube users, advertising is the most important source of income.

There are basically two types of YouTube Partner advertisements: 1. Video ads inserted during video playback, 2. Google AdSense banner ads displayed at the bottom of the video.

However, to become a YouTube Partner partner, in addition to complying with YouTube’s advertising rules, you must accumulate at least 4,000 video viewing hours on the channel in the past 12 months and have 1,000 subscribers or fans in order to apply for an advertising account. condition.

For 4,000 viewing hours, there is no specific rule for how long and specific requirements. You can upload 40 videos, with an average viewing time of 100 hours per video, reaching a total viewing time of 4,000 hours, or any other combination, as long as the minimum duration requirement is met.

For example, after the opening of the YouTube account of Brother Dianxi, it reached 1 million fans in just three months, and the amount of video playback was even more massive.

After successfully reaching the 4,000 hour threshold and becoming a YouTube Partner, you can start to make money from advertising.

However, advertising on YouTube is not enough. There are other ways to increase income.

2. Affiliate affiliate marketing revenue

Like promoting Affiliate links on blogs, Affiliate links can also be posted on YouTube. For YouTube channels that provide online tutorials and product reviews, using Affiliate marketing is also a major channel to increase revenue. If you recommend a product through a video and users visit your link and buy, you will get a commission.

But be aware that you need to provide videos that are really useful to the audience in order to attract them to click and buy. You cannot provide irrelevant links just for monetary gain.

There are many Affiliate projects to consider. 

If you want to maximize your income, it’s best to open your own website or blog at the same time you open your YouTube channel . This can attract viewers to your website and increase customer stickiness. And, if there is any problem with the YouTube channel, you can still use your website or blog to make money. Don’t put eggs in one basket. .

3. Implant ads

Similar to movies, such as the placement of ads in  movies, you can also place ads in your YouTube videos.

Companies interested in your YouTube channel may be interested in placing ads in your videos, and they will pay you for the placement of ads. Of course, a channel that can directly attract advertisers must be a channel with a certain degree of popularity.

Of course, the audience’s feelings should be considered when placing video ads. First, the embedded ads should be relevant to your video content, and the higher the fit, the better; second, the quality of the embedded ads must be good, and you’d better use them yourself. However, only those with a good experience will do. Third, you must master the number and frequency of placement ads, and try to be as natural as possible, so that your fans can accept placement ads more comfortably and don’t arouse disgust.

Generally speaking, YouTube videos have relatively high income from placement advertising fees. Because, compared with Facebook or Weibo posts, YouTube’s video production costs are higher, so the fees are relatively high.

Please note that even if you place ads, you must ensure that you abide by Google’s advertising policies and follow the law, so as not to be punished by YouTube.

4. Sell ​​the product

You can also make money by selling products through YouTube videos. You can sell products such as T-shirts, coffee cups, and backpacks. You can print your channel’s logo on these products and sell them to your fans, thereby increasing your channel’s exposure and deepening interaction with fans.

The specific operation is to introduce the products you have used in the video and provide a purchase link, and interested viewers may purchase it. For example, Ryan Kaji of the YouTube children’s channel Ryan’s World also makes money by selling toys, T-shirts and other items in addition to advertising. .

For the physical products you sell, you can let others OEM, design according to the style and logo you want to form a unique product. Of course, you can also sell self-made downloadable content, such as e-books or video tutorials, etc.

Payments can usually be processed using online payment tools such as PayPal.

5. Crowdfunding creative projects

If you have a good creative project such as music, animation, design, etc., but don’t have enough funds, you can compare funds with your fans in crowdfunding.

As long as your idea is compelling enough, you can appeal to your audience and fans and raise funds through crowdfunding platforms.

Before crowdfunding, you can make a trailer to let your fans see what kind of project you are going to do, which will greatly increase the success rate of crowdfunding.

Popular crowdfunding websites abroad include:

Kickstarter -one of the most famous crowdfunding websites in the world, very suitable for funding cool products and creative projects.
Indiegogo -another well-known crowdfunding website.

Domestic crowdfunding website:

Modian -Cultural and creative crowdfunding community, the first platform for product crowdfunding.
JD Crowdfunding -The threshold is relatively low, and product crowdfunding is possible.
Taobao crowdfunding -Taobao crowdfunding is also popular.

6. Fan rewards

Of course, if you have cultivated a group of loyal fans, you can also invite them to give tips on YouTube.

If the content you create is good enough for the audience to find it useful for work and life, they may give a reward to show your support.

The form of rewarding is realized through the functions of Super Chat and Super Sticker. The fans are rewarded directly in the live broadcast of the mobile phone. After paying the reward, the chat information of the fans can be highlighted on the top of the chat window.

However, the mobile phone live broadcast function has a threshold, and only channel bloggers with 1,000 or more YouTube fans can use it.

As long as your content is interesting or valuable, the audience is still willing to give generously.

7. Authorize the video to the media

If the video you make is interesting and popular, and the media is interested in your video, you can license your video to the media, and they will pay you a certain amount.

You can also  sell your videos on markets such as Jukin Media , and if someone is interested, they will buy your videos.

Of course, this kind of video production needs to be relatively sophisticated, and it must have a certain degree of originality.

For example, the above video of a dog riding a horse is quite interesting, and it can be sold on the Jukin Media market to make money.

How much money can you make on YouTube?

Everyone’s income is different.

You can display YouTube ads, Affiliate links and placement ads in your videos to maximize your income.

On YouTube, you can profit from advertising based on CPM, CPV and CPC. Generally, the cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) revenue is around $7. This income should be the main income of many people.

However, the advertising revenue of different countries is different. For example, if 1,000 American users watched it, you might get $5, but if a thousand Vietnamese viewers watched it, you might only get less than $1, so , Your videos try to attract viewers from the United States, so as to increase income.

According to Google’s policy, Google retains 45% of revenue, and creators will get 55% of revenue from advertising.

YouTube income calculator

Regarding how much money your videos can earn, you can use the YouTube income calculator tool to check your estimated income.

The first tool on the page is used to calculate daily income. You can change the parameters on this page to view the estimated daily income.

The second tool can be used to view the income of other people’s YouTube channels. Enter other people’s channel URLs to estimate their income. This way you have a general idea of ​​whether you can make money from YouTube.

Which types of videos are easier to make money on YouTube?

Some celebrity gossip on YouTube, makeup and beauty, food, and other popular fields can be relatively easy to quickly become fans and make money. The following is a list of niche markets where it is easier to get fans on YouTube:

  • Life skills
  • Celebrity gossip
  • Makeup beauty
  • X big list (such as top 10 funny videos)
  • Food Channel
  • Electronic and toy product unpacking reviews
  • Operation demonstration
  • Funny animal videos
  • Spoof video

What are the ways to make money on YouTube?

Of course, I still recommend making regular videos to make money on YouTube, such as food writer Wang Gang. This is relatively long-lasting and can be used as one’s own business for a long time.

But there are also some people who want to use some routines to make quick money. If you do it with your heart, you can indeed transfer a lot of money.

For example, some people will move videos of others in China to YouTube to make money. For example, by aggregating video clips that are very popular on Douyin into a relatively long video, and then putting it on YouTube to attract fans and play it, it can also generate considerable income. For example, a channel called Kristino Olsen carries domestic videos and integrates editing. There are already 2.38 million fans, and the monthly income is expected to be around 500,000 yuan.

There are also people who transfer popular content on site B to YouTube to make money.

But the fatal weakness of this type of channel is that it has no copyright. If it is reported by the original video author or Douyin and Station B, it will be blocked.

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What tools do you need to make money with YouTube?

If you are overseas and your English is good, please skip this part.

If your English is not good, you need to use two tools:

1. Circumvention tool, because YouTube is not available on the mainland, circumvention is a must. It is recommended to use ExpressVPN , which is more stable, fast, and uploads videos faster.

2. A browser with a translation, if you can speak English at CET-4 or 6, you don’t need a browser with a translation. If not, I suggest using Google Chrome , the Google Translate that comes with it is more accurate.

Write at the end

You can make money on YouTube, but YouTube alone is not safe. It is best to have your own platform, such as a blog or website, to attract YouTube traffic to your own website. In this way, once you have a certain number of users, you can completely break away from YouTube or just use it as one of the income channels to expand your business.

The best place to build a website is to build a website that is consistent with the YouTube channel on Bluehost

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