If Someone Asks You About Your Current Salary

What Do You Say If Someone Asks You About Your Current Salary?

This is a tactic to negotiate a salary. These interview techniques will help you tackle that dreaded question about the salary. Learn how to answer desired salary?

A telephone interview is taking place with a recruiter for a promising job. One of the most common questions many fear is “What’s your current salary?” He is now filled with doubts and doesn’t know the right answer to make sure he gets to the next level.

This is a tactic to negotiate a salary. It’s a question asking for information about how much you can get and whether it falls within the company’s salary range. The amount of money you make at the time of the interview will determine how long it takes to complete the process.

What’s the problem with this question?

Most employees are looking for a better job, so your salary may be lower than that of the job you are applying for. Business Magazine Inc. suggests that you consider the question if you’re in a position to answer it.

Is your salary in line with the current market rate for your field? Is your salary reflective of what you actually do? Is your current salary comparable to what you want for your next job?

Below is a list of interview techniques Inc has provided to help you tackle the fearsome question of what salary should I ask?

Redirect with tact

If you don’t like confrontation, you can frame your response with a simple one-liner that recites the current pay range for similar positions and experience levels. Simply share your expectations based on the market’s current pay range.

Avoid falling for the email trap

The question can also be sent via email. It is important to not ignore the question. However, you should be positive and open to future discussions about payment when you reach the formal stages of the interview process. You could say “I would love to learn more about the responsibilities so I can get an idea of what salary I should be looking for.”

Talk about the Future

Use the question to discuss your potential earning potential when speaking with a recruiter. Tell the recruiter straight and honest about your underpaid status. “At my previous company, I received a lower salary for my skills and experience in this area. Based on my research for this job in today’s market I believe I can find [indicate desired salary range]

Strive for the highest salary in the range.

Keep your interview at the top and not the middle of the salary range. You can negotiate your favour by saying the highest rank.

Place them

Answer the recruiter the fearsome question “I don’t think my salary is relevant.”

Don’t divulge personal information such as your salary history to anyone. This is only for the benefit of the potential employer when it comes to negotiations.

The topic of intended remuneration is often fraught with doubts and discomfort. Recruiters may miss applications by setting too low or too high a salary.

This does not mean that it has to be this way. There are many pages and tools available today to help you find out the average salary for different positions. We will then show you how to calculate your expected remuneration for applying for a job.

Use the Boomerang tool

Ever wondered if you might be asking for a very high salary or a low one? This is a common problem and Bumeran decided to solve it. We created a tool that lets you see the average salaries of multiple positions and areas.

The Pretended Salaries in Argentina tool allows you to access the information freely and without cost. You can also find out more about the positions you are interested in. It is possible to see the average salary based on gender and age.

Talk to your lawyer about salary agreements

Many of these jobs fall under salary agreements. You can find out which union holds the job and what the expected remuneration is based on your seniority by visiting their website.

You will need to know the name within it and the union that the position corresponds with in order to perform the search.

Ask experts in the field

It is essential that you determine the average salary for the position you are applying for. It may depend on the organization and the benefits, working conditions, and size.

How and where can you find out more about compensation? Contacting people in the same area and performing similar tasks is the best way to approach this case. Asking three to four employees can give you an average and determine the salary to ask in a potential interview.

Remember that names of positions can vary between companies but tasks are identical or very similar.

You should also consider the following points when calculating your intended remuneration :

Company Location

It is important to consider how long it takes to get from home to work. It’s not better to be able to walk or bike a few blocks away than to need to travel by car or combine public transport.

Title for the position

Salary scales can vary depending on what. Software and technology companies, banks and other businesses have higher average salaries than those working in commerce, hospitality, and gastronomy.


A company’s structure will directly affect the salary it offers. Multinationals may have higher salaries than startups or SME’s, so it is important to remember this when applying for a job.

Benefits and conditions of employment

You can request a remuneration based on the hiring arrangement (with mon tax, under a dependency relationship), work hours (part-time and full-time), and health insurance (social worker or prepaid). You should also consider other benefits, such as discounts at gyms, language classes and drinks, flexible work hours, or the possibility to work remotely. You can find more information on our Reddit.

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