iPhone 11 Deceives

iPhone 11 Deceives You Didn’t Know

There’s no good reason for purchasing a cell phone in case you’re not going to utilize every last bit of it, so we’ve accumulated things you didn’t realize you can do with your iPhone 11. 

There’s no good reason for purchasing a cell phone in case you’re not going to utilize every last trace of it so we’ve assembled things you didn’t realize you can do with your iPhone 11. In addition to the fact that this is one of the most amazing valued iPhones, it’s likewise one of Apple’s best planned and fabricated telephones as well. 

Ultra-Wide Camera 

As we as a whole know as of now, the iPhone 11 camera has had somewhat of a makeover and is presently much greater than it previously was. There are two 12MP focal points highlighted on the rear of this cell phone, one being an ultra-wide focal point. With an ultra-wide focal point, you’re all to catch a greater amount of the scene around you. Regardless of whether you’re taking a gathering photograph or catching a mountain range, it’ll fit more in one casing. 

Before you utilize this choice, you do have to enact it. Obviously, you would consistently prefer not to take your photographs from a wide point. Opening this setting is really straightforward. You should simply utilize two fingers to squeeze the screen. You’ll see your camera zoom out to the ultra-wide focal point. Presently, you’ll have the option to snap your photographs with undeniably more apparent ones. 


While it appears as though it is a grammatical mistake, it’s not. A selfie is a new element that can be found on the used Apple iPhone 11 Pro max series and it’s changing the selfie game. The selfie enables you to record a sluggish movement video from the front camera. You’ll have the option to catch a notable hair flip or something fun happening behind the scenes simpler than any time in recent memory. Check out iPhone 11 pro max price in Nigeria from genuine and authorised sites online.

You should simply ensure you’re on the right camera setting. Along the lower part of the camera, there are various choices, simply select the slo-mo choice. Obviously, you’ll likewise need to change to the front camera. 


QuickTake is the component no one requested except for everybody needs. This is a lifeline! Have you at any point been snapping a picture and getting met with the ideal video opportunity, you swipe to the video settings and it\ ‘s past the point of no return? Everybody has! Apple’s new component permits you to press and hold the shade to record a video. This is a ton like Snapchat and Instagram! You may have the option to record a short video so assuming you need anything longer, you’ll need to swipe to the video mode. 

Signal Features 

There are really a couple of various signal elements added into the iPhone 11 deceives you didn’t have the foggiest idea, and we will share them. The main element is signal composing. From the start, this may not bode well with regards to why it’s a thing. Have you at any point been in a hurry and messaging simultaneously? It generally comes out as a complete babble. Motion composing permits you to type words while never taking your finger off the screen. You essentially swipe your finger from one letter to another. 

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Another motion that will make your life simpler is the content editing signal. This permits you to alter text without erasing it. While we had the option to do this on a large number previously, it’s never been this effective and exact. All you need to do now is tap and move the cursor to the furthest limit of the text. You would then be able to alter the text utilizing any ordinary content editing choices. 

iPhone 11 Tricks with the Camera 

There are so many various things this camera can do and they’re all lovely and great. From the distinctive camera focal points to the in-constructed highlights, like picture mode, they’ll assist with giving you very expert or truly imaginative pictures. 

The main element we will zero in on is the front camera. This is a solitary 12MP camera notwithstanding, when you do come to utilize it, you’re not utilizing its maximum capacity. The camera will consequently set to the 7MP focal point. All you need to do is tap the grow button at the lower part of the screen. This will zoom out, giving a greater picture while getting more detail. 

Our second iPhone 11 stunt you didn’t know with the camera is blasted shooting. On past models, we had the option to shake numerous diverse photographs by holding the screen down. This presently works with QuickTake so obviously, Apple needed to accompany an alternate strategy. To take burst photographs, all you need to do now is swipe left. 

More Tips and Tricks 

Seeing as the rundown of iPhone 11 stunts is amazingly long, we will keep it short and simply share a couple of a greater amount of our top pick or most valuable provisions. 

This is something that might help in case you’re stressed your telephone might be second hand or even fixed. You can regularly tell when a telephone has been fixed by a less expensive outsider, as opposed to Apple. Assuming you need to twofold really look at this, you can really investigate your settings. Head into Settings > General > About and a notice will show up if so. 

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With every one of these things you didn’t have a clue about your iPhone 11 could do, you will open the genuine capability of your cell phone. There are many stunts to learn and with the astounding iPhone 11 arrangements on offer, you’ll see it difficult to stand up to.

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