Common plumbing Issues

10 Most Common Plumbing Issues

Have you been waking up to the sound of your bathroom faucet dripping, dripping, dripping all night? Do you have trouble flushing your toilet? Is there an issue with the water pressure in your washroom? If you’re a householder, you’ll have to deal with plumbing troubles sooner or later.

These typical plumbing issues may be handled by one of our expert plumbing specialists in no time, freeing up your house or company for your usage as needed if you are unable to fix them yourself.

Here are the 10 most frequent Common plumbing Issues, what you can do about them, and when you should call us for help:

Taps that drip

Dropping taps are so many that it’s troublesome to come across someone who hasn’t dealt with them. It’s not just trouble; draining water can grow your water bill and cost you money. Over the plan of a year, a single tap might waste hundreds of gallons.

Internal washers that have gotten stiff, damaged, worn, or detached over time are the most common cause of leaky faucets. If this is the situation, a person with primary DIY abilities and accessories can usually solve the problem. 

Clogged drains in the bathtub or shower

Clogs of hair and detergent jam bath and shower drain in the same way they block bathroom sink drains. A plunger or a plumber may be required to clear the difficulty. Baking soda and vinegar can additionally be used to dissolve clogs.

The toilet is overflowing

A clog occurs when the toilet seat overflows but does not drain. A mixing of paper and human excrement usually causes a clog. A plunger can normally unclog a jammed toilet. If it doesn’t work, you can try using a sewage snake or a drainage auger to clear the clog.

Slow Draining Sink

This issue is normally caused by a blocking that stops water from flowing freely. Clotted fat and food leftovers may be found in your sink drain. Hitched hair and soap are more likely to cause a clog in a shower sink.

Utilizing a plunger, dumping baking soda and vinegar or a chemicals blockage remover down the drain, or using a plumber’s snake are all options for cleaning a clogged sink

Toilet flushing

A running toilet can be expensive; up to 200 gallons of water per day can be lost. A defective flapper valve, which regulates the flow of water from the tank to the bowl, is the most likely problem. A toilet repair kit, which can be found at any hardware shop, makes this a reasonably simple remedy.

A water heater that isn’t working correctly

It’s like that you won’t see the difficulty until you’re in the shower and the water suddenly turns cool. The breakdown of a water heater can be created by a variety of factors. You may need to ignite the guiding light if it runs out. Sediment build-up in the container might also create issues. It’s reasonable that the thermostat is to charge at other times.

Pipes that are leaking

Stubborn clogs, incorrect pipe laying, pipe corrosion, pipe joint deterioration, fractured seals or damaged pipes, and excessive water pressure are all causes of leaky pipes. Anything is creating the leaky pipes, they must be fixed as soon as possible! The longer you overlook leaking pipes, the more harm they can do to your plumbing operation and your property!

Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure problems can make it difficult to utilize almost any plumbing system in your home! Low water pressure is frequently a symptom of more serious plumbing issues, such as pipe corrosion, hidden water leaks in your home, drain or sewer obstructions, and cracked or blocked sewer lines.

Failure of Sump Pump

A problem with the unit or an outside issue can cause a sump pump to fail. Sump pump failures are typically caused by: stuck switches; an excessive volume of water, such as after a hard rain; clogged outlet pipes; improper sump pump construction; and ageing, with sump pumps older than 10 years prone to failure.

The hose bib is leaking

During the spring and summer, a leaking hose bib is fairly common. Many unprotected hose bibs can shatter and leak during a long, cold winter. We recommend that our customers purchase a frost-proof hose bib to help prevent future leaks.


In the conclusion, we have good news that many of these problems may be avoided and/or quickly resolved before they become big problems. Be mindful of any warning signs your plumbing may be providing you about potential issues. When you require assistance, contact Toronto Plumbers, and we will assist you in restoring the correct operation of your plumbing system. Our customers know our skills, which is why we are so well-liked.

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