Secure Online Video Conferencing Platform

Online Secure Video Conferencing Platform – A Detailed Study

In today’s digital dominant environment, almost all businesses are relying on the usage of video conferencing to conduct their regular professional communication. Do you depend on video conferencing for your business activities too? Well, are you using a secure platform for the same? Security should be one of my major priorities given the huge number of cybercrimes across the globe. In this article, we are going to discuss the best aspects revolving around the selection of a secure video conferencing solution. Stay with us and read on!

Some Challenges with a Regular Video Conferencing Platform

There are quite a few challenges associated with a video conferencing app. Even the famous Zoom platform faces certain privacy concerns. We are going to look at them one by one in this section:

  1. Zoom phishing scam – The phishing usually starts with an email that impersonates a notification from the platform. The email asks the recipient to click on a particular link. This is one way in which the personal information of the recipient is hacked.
  1. Zoom bombing – This happens when virtual party hackers start entering Zoom conference calls because of weak security measures. In order to tackle this efficiently, Zoom released two features namely Report by Participants and Suspend Participant Activities.

Best Ways to use an Online Video Conference System

The remote work setup is clearly here to stay. And hence, video conferences shall continue to remain popular. Let us look at some of the best video conferencing practices that you should follow:

  1. Use the Waiting Room

One of the most secure video conferencing solutions is to enable the waiting room functionality. In this, the host has full control over who can join the meeting. The host decides whether to admit attendees one by one or hold all of them in the waiting room and then admit at once.

  1. Use Different Meeting IDs

Avoid using the same meeting ID for every meeting. It may seem more convenient but poses serious threats to your video conferencing platform. When the ID is unique, uninvited participants or hackers do not get access to the link easily.

  1. Use a Meeting Password

You must generate a meeting password to conduct a meeting. Make sure that you create a strong password involving different letters, symbols, and numbers. This way, no unwanted attendees would be able to join the call and all relevant details shall be protected.

  1. Announce Loud and Clear Before you Record Any Meeting

This is one of the best to keep your online video conference system secure.  To protect the privacy of the participants, make sure that you let them know before you start recording the meeting.

  1. Utilize the Chat room with Discretion

Many secure video conferencing platforms allow participants to send messages to each other within the meeting. It is advised that the host of the meeting decides whether to keep the chat function on or not. Sometimes, malicious links can get shared due to this feature. Hence, it’s better to use it wisely and with proper security precautions.

  1. Turn on a Virtual Background

It is one of the top features that protect your privacy during a video conference. Nobody can identify your location. You can opt for a blurred background in case your video conferencing platform does not have virtual backgrounds.

  1. Make Sure to Turn Off Default Screen Sharing

Your default screen sharing should be turned off. The host of the meeting should have full control over when screen sharing should be done. It helps prevent the risk of malicious content.

  1. Disable Unwanted Features

A good video conferencing system allows participants to mute their audio when they do not wish to speak. It also enables them to turn off their camera as and when required. The flexibility to disable certain functionalities like these helps prioritize privacy.

Features of an Online Secure Video Conferencing Platform

Security is one of the most indispensable aspects of any video conferencing system. In this section, we are going to cover some of the best functionalities that any online video conference system should have.

  1. End-to-End Encryption

This is one of the most important features that any secure video conferencing system has. With this, all chats are encrypted and completely secure.

  1. Customized Meeting URLs

With this feature, businesses get to personalize the meeting links. The host can customize the links and send them to only those people who are required to join. This way, virtual party hackers won’t be able to join the meeting.

  1. A Strong Password

A good password acts like a shield when you plan to conduct a video call conference. You can share the password only with the joinees of the call. Maybe, you can share a common meeting pin with all the attendees.

  1. Waiting Room Functionality

As discussed earlier, the waiting room is one of the most important features that your business video conferencing software should have. The host takes charge of who all enters the chat room and lets them in accordingly.

  1. Mute Function

This feature enables the host to control who can speak during the video conference. He/She can mute one or a few participants due to security reasons or avoid background noise.

MirrorFly – Secure Video Conferencing Software

Have you been looking for a video conferencing SDK? MirrorFly can be the best solution for you. It is one of the top-notch online secure video conferencing solutions. So far, MirrorFly has supported around 1 billion conversations across web and mobile applications. It helps you conduct interactive video conferencing experiences across different devices. It is trusted by some of the most leading brands and is completely secure. It has end-to-end encryption and AES 245-bit with SSL to establish a secure connection. So, if you’ve been planning to opt for a video conferencing API, choose MirrorFly without a doubt.


We hope our article helped you understand the important aspects revolving around secure video conferencing. So, what are you thinking now? Incorporate all safety practices into your online video conference system today!

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