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Mouse Traps – The Problem of Mice

In the case of nuisance from mice in your garage, shed, storage room, basement, or storage room, mouse traps are very easy to trap these unwanted guests. Mouse traps are easy to use and can be used very effectively to quickly reduce a mouse population.

The problem of mice

Mice reproduce very quickly. A mouse is sexually mature after 2 months and has a lactation period of 3 weeks. Then the young mice set off on their own and the young females are able to reproduce again after two months.

Young female mice between the ages of 2 and 12 months have an average of 6 to 10 litters with litter sizes of 5 to 6 young. Under favorable conditions, a few mice in your environment can quickly become a real mouse plague. In theory, a few mice can grow to 2000 mice in a year.

The problem with mice is not only that they can reproduce so quickly, but they are also carriers and spreaders of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. If you suffer from mice in your garage, shed, basement or storage room, there are generally no natural enemies for mice, and you should catch them with mouse traps before they become very many.

Why do you have mice!

People themselves create an ideal living environment for mice. In practice, I often see that a lot of things are piled up in the aforementioned areas, and that there is often food available for pets. In most cases, the pet food is not stored in sealed plastic containers, but is easily accessible for mice.

Mice need three basic necessities to settle with you, namely:

  • Hideout
  • Food
  • Drink

Mice are present in almost every garden or outdoor area. If you also offer them the stated three necessities of life, there is a good chance that they will want to stay with you.

If you see a mouse, take immediate action

Mice live in a family, so if you see one walking, you can assume that there are several in the area. You can then wait until it becomes more, but my advice is to take immediate action. The first action you can take to permanently expel mice is to change their ideal living environment.

Tidy up old items and keep food in closed containers. You are already on the right track, but that is not always a guarantee that mice will no longer get into your garage, shed, basement or storage space.

Setting mouse traps – mouse traps

If you suffer from mice, you can quickly reduce the population by setting mouse traps. There are several types of mouse traps, but the most effective are mouse traps.

Mouse traps are traps with an impact bar, with which mice are caught by moving on the mouse trap. Mouse clips are easy to set and are hygienic to use if you have the right one.

As a professional pest repeller I always use plastic mouse clips myself and if necessary with a bait depot around it. Depending on the situation, you can choose regular mouse clips or the safe version with a bait depot.

If children, pets and non-target animals cannot enter, you can opt for regular mouse clips. If children, pets and non-target groups can come near the mouse clips, use mouse clips with a bait depot. The mouse trap is then safely in the bait depot and protected.

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Mouse traps – set mouse traps

As mentioned, you can set mouse traps or mouse clips quickly and easily. I will explain step-by-step how you can do that effectively.

  • Fill the open circle half with peanut butter.
  • Make sure the peanut butter is well pressed in the circle.
  • Tighten the mouse clamp with two thumbs and index fingers.
  • Make sure that the impact mechanism clicks into place when tensioning.
  • Place the mouse trap carefully against the wall or wall with the hitting side.

NOTE: If children, pets or non-target animals come near the mouse traps, put them in a bait depot. Mouse traps – mouse traps that you check for catch every day. Not checking and emptying regularly can cause nuisance from flies.

In order to catch mice effectively and quickly, I recommend using multiple mouse clamps. I recommend placing a mouse trap every 4 meters in a garage, shed, cellar or storage room. This considerably increases the chance of being caught. In some cases it is even recommended to make a kind of barricade out of mouse traps, to make sure that you actually catch something.

Pest Free Sustainable Pest Advice

Pest Free Benelux is a company that specializes in mouse problems in buildings. As a professional and certified Vermin Advice company, we are happy to help you with tips, advice and the right materials. We also use all materials with which Pest Free can help you in practice with our clients.

If you have any questions or if something is not entirely clear, please leave a message in the response field below. I will respond as soon as possible. By sharing knowledge, other people can benefit and prevent nuisance from mice. In this way, together we are able to drastically limit, if not eliminate, the use of mouse poison.

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