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iWebPartner is a trustworthy platform for its undisputed credibility for a long time indeed. It keeps covering different niches including travel, lifestyle, and sports, business, new-age living, entertainment, and self-development.

Readers Is The Most Important Asset – 

The readers of this web portal are spread all around the city which motivates us to keep putting good stuff. Because of our dynamic and discerning profile of informed readers, we keep exploring new possibilities to make their lives better by introducing the best information. 

What Makes Us Trustworthy – 

  • Our web servers automatically accumulate limited information regarding your device’s connection to the internet such as IP address. 
  • The motto of this platform is to deliver our web pages to you upon request, to tailor our site to the interests of our readers, to measure traffic within our web portal, and let advertisers know the geographic locations from where our readers do keep coming. 
  • You are requested to check our privacy policy of these websites before using the same. If you do not find the privacy policy of any of these sites via a link from the site’s homepage, you are required to contact the web portal to get more information indeed. 
  • When we introduce information to our advertisers, so that they can understand our viewers and confirm the value of advertising on our website, it is generally in the form of aggregated statistics on traffic to different pages within our site. We believe in maintaining the trust of our viewers. 

Personal Information Is Kept Safe – 

At this platform, the quality of content matters a lot, and only accurate information is put on this site. We never reveal your personal information to any third party. 

Though, we hold the right to disclose the information about the users such as personal information in case if something legal comes upon to do so following the request of the Government and authorities conducting an investigation or to keep safe from misuse or unauthorized use of our web portal.

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