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Pros and Cons Of Using wood Sidings For Your Homes

Traditional wood Sidings is usually made of cedar or redwood, as these conifers are more resistant to water damage. However, over time, you cant avoid water damage and other problems with conventional wall cladding products.

Traditional wood coating products are susceptible to water damage and exposed to pest and fungal contamination. Damage from termites and other boring wood pests is a severe problem for homeowners with wall cladding. While there are several ways to keep your traditional wood veneer safe from pests, installing wood or vinyl veneers is the best way to address this possibility thoroughly.

Traditional wood panels also require constant maintenance and repainting to maintain their durability. With proper care, wood panels can last up to 25 years. However, professional paint and painting are needed every 2-3 years to extend its life. 

What is wood siding?

The wood looks good, is environmentally friendly (it’s a renewable and biodegradable raw material). You can paint it and stain it with any color. With this in mind, treatment can be expensive and a target for pests, water damage, and rot.

Wood-based panels are also environmentally friendly, and the biggest plus is that they are designed for long term use and high productivity in any environment. But wood also has some of the same problems as natural wood: it needs painting or staining, needs the care to prevent rot, and is prone to moisture problems.

What are The advantages and disadvantages of Using Wood siding for your homes?

Wood sidings are a trendy choice for many homeowners. It is a proven material to give homes a distinctive look and timeless natural beauty. However, before deciding which wood upholstery to use for your home, you need to measure the sound effects and harmful effects to determine if this is the right choice for your home.

Wood siding is Very Easy To paint.

Wood is a material that is very easy to paint with any color. You can give it the color of your choice. It is effortless to paint the wood siding, and it well suits your home appearance. Paint the color that well compliments your home. 

Wood Siding is an Eco-friendly option.

Wood undoubtedly is the most eco-friendly material we can have for siding at our homes. Why is wood environment friendly-

  • Wood is a renewal resource. 
  • Wood is biodegradable
  • Wood is energy efficient 

Wood siding is very protective. 

Wood Siding is easily repairable.

If your wood siding damages or cracks, then it is straightforward to do this siding replacement. If you require any repair in your wood siding, then do the following-

  • Use wood putty to fill the gap between them. 
  • Sure it very tightly
  • If your damage is pervasive, then replace the boards completely. 

While repairing your wood siding, make sure to check what was causing damage to it to prevent it from further damage. 

Give Unique Appearance

There is no doubt that wood panels are an excellent choice for those looking to create a different look for their home. For example, cedar shakes can create a natural look that cannot be achieved with other wall cladding options, especially if they are allowed to age over time. Other wood sidings options can create a warm, classic look.

Increase resale values

Siding, your home with wood veneers, can help increase your home’s resale value as the beautiful appearance of wood panels attracts many potential buyers. Since wood is typically more expensive to install than traditional cladding such as vinyl and aluminium siding, many consider it a sophisticated choice.

Cons of Using wood sidings

As we have seen wood siding has many benefits, but as we know there is a wrong side also, so we can quickly ponder on some concerns of wood sidings-

Cost of wood sidings

wood is beautiful and gives a very classy look, but it is very costly as well. Wood siding is an expensive siding available in the market. Although investing in wood siding is a good investment, but it’s not affordable for everyone. 


Keeping wood siding in good condition is very important; you need to have proper maintenance and repair. You will have to repaint the wood siding every 5-6 years. Otherwise, it will not look good. Monitor your wood siding regularly to avoid any significant issues. Because if you don’t monitor the case, it will lead to rotten wood, and you will have to replace it completely, and it will cost you more. It is also essential to find and fill the wood siding holes because animals gnaw the wood and make places to live in it. 

Prone To Insulation

The main disadvantage of wood sidings is that it does not provide insulation. It is prone to breakage and requires frequent painting and weathering.

The best alternative to Wood Siding

Composite wall cladding is of wood fibers materials that are heated and compressed into hardboard. Composite wall cladding gives you everything you are looking for with wood – deep texture, rich colors, and natural beauty – while keeping your maintenance-free and high cost.

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