PVC Strip Door Curtains And Their Benefits

What Are PVC Strip Door Curtains And Their Benefits

You may have seen the transparent strips hanging at the doors and windows of shops, restaurants, clinics, hospitals, warehouses, cold storage and industries. 

These transparent strips are known as PVC curtains or strip door curtains that are used to keep the surrounding germs and bacteria-free.

They also help to maintain the room temperature, keep it cool and restrict direct sunlight from entering the place. They are found in different lengths, widths and colours for different purposes. 

Types of PVC Strip Doors 

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer which is produced in tons every year.

They come in two basic forms including rigid and flexible. The PVC strip curtain is largely available in different types. 

Polar Reinforced PVC strip 

This PVC strip door is used for freezers and cold storage areas where the temperature may fall up to -40 degrees. They are very convenient for cold climates as an outdoor application. They maintain the room temperature by not keeping it too cool and not too warm. 

Standard Grade PVC strip

The standard grade PVC curtains are favourable for areas with normal temperatures. They provide a pleasant environment indoors. 

You can use these strip curtains for home, office, restaurants, spa and parlours to make partitions and keep the place healthy. 

Ribbed PVC strip

The ribbed PVC curtains are an ideal choice for high traffic areas as they reduce the appearance of marks and scratches made due to heavy machines and tools.

 They keep the workers in the factories safe and provide some privacy to them. 

Benefits of Strip Door Curtains

An air curtain is beneficial in many ways. Here are the topmost benefits of an air curtain. 

Easy Installation

The transparent curtains are easy to install. You don’t need an appropriate stand or screws to mount them. To install the strips first mount the hooks on the wall and then hang them on it. 

Cut them in the required length in different pieces and hang them at the door or window. They are also portable and you can use them anywhere else too.

Low Maintenance

You can use these plastic door curtains for home and can also mount them in office premises and in hospitals where there is a high rush. 

You don’t need to polish or paint them and clean them with different tools. If they look dirty then you can simply soak them in water and clean them with a brush and cloth.

Controls Temperature

Controls Temperature

The PVC strips control the room temperature by keeping it cool in summers and warm in winters. It maintains an ideal environment inside the place. 

The hot bright day of summer feels cool and convenient indoors where these strips are installed. These strips are used in the freezer and cold storage areas as they control the loss of cold air. 

Reduce Noise

These thick and transparent curtains reduce noise from outdoors. If your house is on a nearby road or the office resides in the city then you can imagine how noisy the environment would be. 

To reduce this disturbance, you can get PVC curtains online and install them at the windows and doors of the place to reduce noise pollution. 

Restricts Flies and Insects

Another benefit of plastic curtains is that it does not allow flies, insects and mosquitoes to enter inside. It creates a barrier for them and the curtain won’t allow them to come inside. 

Along with this they even control dust, fumes, pollen particles and pollutants to enter indoors. They also restrict direct sunlight so that the room temperature remains normal. 

Increases Employee Comfort

The plastic curtain increases the employee’s comfort and security in the workplace. If you are not able to make a wall for different departments and sections then the best option is to hang these curtains and make a section or department wherever required. 

You will find different coloured rolls and you can also go through the PVC curtain roll price to get the best option. 

Don’t need to Open or Close them

You don’t need to touch the door to open or close them. You can pass through them even if you have something in your hand. 

In heavy-duty industries and factories where huge equipment and tools are transported here and there and your hands are busy then you don’t need to worry about it as you can easily pass it, even by running.

Economical Barrier

They are one of the cheapest and widely used barriers for every commercial and non-commercial place. Whether it’s a home, office, restaurant or pharmacy they work everywhere. 

They are low cost and easy to maintain plastic curtains which can be adjusted as per your desired length. Cut them in the number of pieces you want and hang them on the wall or window. 

Why to choose a Strip Door Curtain?

The strip door curtains are used for different purposes and at different places. They are less expensive and more durable. 

These thick plastic curtains can be used for 2-3 years or more depending on their usability and thickness. 

After mounting it you can easily clean it with a cloth and brush without taking it out of the hanger. 

You can wipe it from both sides with the help of a wet cloth and a dry cloth and can also clean them with soap and water if they are dirtier. 

If we talk about PVC strip curtains prices then they are very convenient and reasonable. It saves your expenses and also keeps the surroundings clean and tidy. 

So if you are thinking of installing these strip curtains at your home or work premises then you should surely get them.

Get the right colour as per the need and requirement and mount it for a tension free and healthy environment.  

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