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How can anyone coming here all the way, wandering on the internet seeking the reasons to visit the Kedarnath trek, go empty-handed? I’m serving here the best possible knowledge which encourages anyone of you to visit the highly chosen by the crowd and also the most adventurous trekking destination – Kedarnath.

Kedarnath is undoubtedly the best place to feel every emotion be it the thrill, the serenity, the calm and the tenderness that nature serves, the positive vibes and the attempt to find our own soul lost in the materialistic world. Each and every question comes to an end, once you visit this divine and fruitful summit.

The thing that assures you before beginning the trekking journey is that you can never go back to your locals, empty-handed. You will surely have the bundle of valuable emotions and the non-materialistic though the most cherishable moments for the rest of your life. To set your mind towards the expedition kindly have a click look at the reasons to visit there.

The Enriching Exploration

The journey to explore the place, moments, people, visuals, and surroundings begin from the starting point itself. The initiating point is the Gaurikund, located on the banks of river Mandakini at an altitude of 6502 feet in the Garhwal Himalayas. The beautiful base camp of Gaurikund is worth living in. The dark night ( midnight 2-3 AM) where the actual time of trekking begins is just something someone can’t miss.

Amidst the cold, frizzy weather, the torchlight on the head sweeping the darkness of the night, the bag full of essentials on the back, needed while you are on the trail and the bond between you and the surroundings is something magical. You can imagine the excitement one can have to begin the beautiful expedition. Also one can’t stop falling from viewing the sunrise from the high rising mountains offering nothing but the cool winds and the most favourable environment.

The top mountain view of the Indian Himalayas

The famous Himalayan peaks like Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kalanag, Gangotri and Yamunotri and many more peaks can be witnessed all around once you reach the summit. You can absolutely visualise the untouched beauty of the almighty wrapped in those ranges standing still no matter what and showering the tenderness, calm and comfort they have to all the visitors staring at them and admiring their glory.

Opportunity to know the locals, culture – lifestyle – clothing, etc

Almost after traveling about 10-12 hours from Dehradun you will end up at the most beautiful village named Sankri. The travelling route will be so cherishable and so loving that it will prepare you for the wondrous trekking experience you are going to have. The route from Dehradun to Sankri is filled with hilly areas and the soothing river that will bring peace to your mind and will already energise you for the trekking journey.

The localies of Sankri are the most humble and kind hearted people who will welcome you in their own world which is far away from the progressive city culture. We can get to know the rich traditions they follow, the clothing and the lifestyle they inhabitat.

Undoubtedly the best destination for


Covered under the beautiful snow-clads the high ranging mountains serve you the best moments and the snaps to click and to mesmerize later in your future. The views of the majestic Himalayan ranges is something everyone wishes to be clicked in their cameras. This adventurous expedition is the complete package of all the emotions one wishes to catch while planning a trek.

One can also click the remains of the landslides, during the natural calamity which are still visible on the routes of kedarnath trek, the waterfalls coming mid-way. So to capture the beautiful scenic beauty of this wonderful creation in the cameras one should visit Kedarnath Trek.

The beautiful campsites

Kedarnath has some three beautiful campsites coming on its way of trekking namely Juda Ka Talab, Kedarnath Base and Hargaon, where you can have the most beautiful stay and can visualise nature so closely and nearly that you feel every second of your life worth living.

If you are bored, breathing at your own home place then to feel the freshness of the air that we inhale you should dwell for a couple of days at these beautiful campsites on the beautiful trail of Kedarnath.

Firstly the Snowy frozen lake that is Juda Ka Talab where you can witness the glimpse of the beautiful expedition you are on to. Also you can visualise the beauty of snow covered lake and energise yourself till the next campsite on your way to trek.

The second one is about 4 Kms away from Juda Ka Talab. The splendid meadow covered under the oak and pine trees that will take your 3-4 hours to reach.

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The last one is Hargaon, which comes on the way back to Sankri. At an altitude of about 2713 m you can see the beautiful views of the ranges around and even the sunrise spreading the glittery vibes all around.


If you can find many reasons to visit this beautiful destination which is undoubtedly the mixture of divinity, serenity, thrill and peace then you must visit it as soon as possible.

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