9 SEO Trends For 2021 To Take Your Website To Google’s First Page

Should we go back to discussing the need for the most popular SEO Trends for an SEO agency to position your page on Google SERPs rankings? I don’t think so. When pages rank, they drive magnificent organic traffic to your website, placing you at a more probable position to attract and convert leads.

For this to happen, you need to know how to use the London SEO agency techniques for your good. They are designed to adapt contents to the ranking criteria of algorithms.

However, these criteria are not permanent. Google keeps updating its parameters to improve and make the user experience more simplified.

If you must top the game in digital marketing strategy, you need to stay abreast with the latest trends that rise as the frequency grows.

Talking about trends, let us look at some of them and how you can maximise their use.

Original and mind-blowing content

Without original and essential contents for the buyer persona, forget about the other SEO tips. This trend has so gotten itself to the peak of SEO trends, and it intends to stay there for a very long time.

This is because the users need to have their needs met after going through your website, and you can only do this by creating rich content targeted to satiate their appetite. Because there is a deep relationship between Google’s algorithm and user experience, this needs to be in place.

If you fail here, your user will head right out your page and choose another and more satisfying option in the SERP.

When this keeps happening, your number of satisfied users will decrease, and the bounce rate will increase. These two will kill the reputation of your brand and affect your digital authority.

It would be best if you went for more interactive contents that will attract and retain more customers for you.

User Experience (UX)

Your user experience is a vital SEO strategy and depends on more than just your contents’ relevance. 

When considering it in the sight of digital marketing, it has a lot to do with how well your clients interact with your brand’s channels. This interaction should be simple, easily accessed and free from hitches.

You can achieve this by creating fast-loading pages, simple, intuitive and with comprehensive menus, and other elements that enrich your visitors’ experience.

Mobile SEO Trends

More searches are now being done on smartphones than desktops; hence, mobile SEO has become necessary. This number keeps increasing, and there is a prediction that by the World Advertising Research Centre (WARC) that the number three-quarters of the world population will be accessing the internet from their smartphones by 2025.

Even Google since 2019 started analysing the mobile pages of websites as the primary version, leaving those for the desktop to become secondary.

Hence, it is up to websites to create mobile pages and optimise for SEO. Above all, these pages should convey more user satisfaction to make it get past the mark.

Zero click searches

Google keeps changing the design of the SERP to improve its user experience. If you have noticed, more than 50% of users end their search on the Google page without clicking on anything. 

This is because Google makes short answers that suit the visitor’s search intent to appear on the SERP. Hence, these visitors just read and go back.

This is similar to snippets, and those in digital marketing must strive to ensure that their pages are well structured for algorithms to understand the data easily. Your target should now be more on answering the questions of the possible buyer.

Core web vitals and page experience

Core web vitals was introduced in 2020, and it is more concerned about the loading, visual stability and interactivity of the website. The entire thing is targeted at improving page experience.

This Core Web Vitals works with 

  • Large Contentful Paint (LCP which measures the time it takes for your page to load), 
  • First Input Delay (FID, which measures how long it takes for your page to be interactive)
  • And Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS, which checks the unexpected changes in the layout of your visual content

Search intent

Your target should be to create content that meets the intentions of your users. This is why Google launched the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, the BERT algorithm to understand visitors’ search terms in their exact context.

This raises the demand for quality and encourages natural language to create contents that match your users’ intentions.

Website security

Websites’ safety is essential to Google and does not allow unsecured sites to come up its first page. This is why it is good to add security features like SSL certificates and specialised plugins to have a successful SEO strategy.

People pay more attention to their safety on your website, and if they feel like they are not, your access rate will reduce, hence, your ranking on SERPs.

Long-form content

E. A. T (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) has become very relevant in content marketing. It seeks to ensure users get answers from real and highly knowledgeable people in their fields. This makes you credible to discuss a particular subject.

You can do this by investing in long-form contents. They are highly relevant, and according to the State of Content Report, articles with more than 3000 words generate 3 times more traffic and are four times more probable for sharing.

Local SEO

Local SEO became very relevant during the covid-19 pandemic. The isolation and lockdown made people rely more on the local markets and e-commerce situated around their localities.

You need to set up your business such that people around you can easily access it. Local SEO integrates Google My Business, and you will find it helpful for a successful business.


The above-listed SEO trends are essential for a successful SEO strategy in 2021. You need to understand and apply them accordingly. Since Google frequently makes updates in its criteria for algorithms, you must stay abreast of every update and be willing to make the necessary adjustments to improve your users’ satisfaction. You can trust DubSEO for this kind of work.

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