You Should Know There Few Things About Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is all about improving the appearance of the teeth. The dentist applies a fine resin of colour to make your teeth look better. The procedure is also known as cosmetic bonding. 

People who get this treatment feel no pain, don’t require any anaesthesia, and there’s no drilling involved. This means the structure of the natural tooth isn’t tampered with. 

With the availability of modern tech and materials, you can get composite bonding in one dental visit, plus it cost less and is quicker than veneers and crowns. You get to save more money and time.

So, here are 7 things composite bonding offers:

  1. Crooked teeth alignment. Mild cases of crooked teeth can be corrected by expertly adding some resin to strategic dental positions. But keep to heart that composite bonding is only effective for mild malocclusions. Serious cases of misaligned teeth will require orthodontic treatment before bonding takes place.
  2. Lower teeth improvement. The lower teeth can have a better appearance with composite bonding. However, prior to this, the kind of bite the patient has and how their upper and lower teeth connect will be considered. Where the patient is experiencing teeth grinding, this procedure is not ideal as it can’t withstand the pressure exerted and may break.
  3. Closing gaps between teeth. Yes, composite bonding St Albans can close up a single to multiple small gaps between teeth effectively well. This is done by adding the resin to the teeth to close the gap or reduce it where complete closure is not possible.

Orthodontic treatment will be needed for wide gaps between teeth before bonding to stop the teeth from looking too big.

  1. What makes composite bonding different from veneers? There are some important differences between bonding and veneers the dentist and patient should consider prior to deciding what option to take.
  • Composite bonding does not involve drilling the teeth and is easy to repair, while veneers involve drilling and is a permanent procedure.
  • In one dental visit, patients record quick results with bonding. Veneers are done in two dental visits spaced by a few weeks to get the veneers prepared.
  • Bonding cost less than porcelain veneers as a single tooth bonding goes for between £128 to £214, while veneers cost £429 per tooth.
  • From 5 to 7 years, a well cared for bonding will last. Porcelain veneers can last for a minimum of 15 years.
  • Staining, discolouration and chipping isn’t common occurrence with bonding. Veneers have more resistance than composite bonding.

Discuss how you want your teeth to look with your dentist when you need the best treatment option. For cost-effectiveness, composite bonding is your go-to. But porcelain veneers are suitable for serious misalignment issues and is a durable treatment.

  1. Is composite bonding painful? As a non-invasive procedure, there is no pain with bonding. The natural tooth isn’t drilled, and no need for injections. The tooth will be cleaned first before placing the resin, and the dentist will carefully polish it in.
  2. Pros and cons of composite bonding. 


  • Injection-free and painless procedure
  • Preserves the tooth structure as no drilling is required
  • Should last between 5 to 7 years if taken good care of and monitored by the hygienist
  • Requires zero lab work. Completed in a dental visit
  • Price is way lesser than other cosmetic options


  • Pressure can chip or break the bonding; it doesn’t have the strength other cosmetic materials have.
  • Habits like smoking and certain foods and drinks like coffee, tea can stain the composite resin.
  • Its lifespan is shorter compared to veneers that last for 15 years.
  1. Where to get composite bonding. At St Alban’s, you can get your teeth bonded to improve its aesthetics. And our consultations are free. This means you can get to know all about the procedure before it begins. So when you come in, ask as many questions as you would. Our dentists are ready to give you all the answers.

Final thoughts

If your teeth are healthy, but you desire to work on your smile, then composite bonding teeth St Albans is what you need. The procedure is quick, without pain, and the price is good.

When it comes to teeth restoration that is less invasive, composite bonding stands among the lot.

Nearly everyone can have their teeth bonded, and the cost is not as high as other options in cosmetic dentistry. Since it is completed in a dental visit, patients see results faster. We have successfully treated a lot of patients with this procedure, and the reviews have been great.

Don’t be shy to tell us about any slight dental issue you have that composite bonding can fix. Who knows, it may be just what you need for a smile restoration today.

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