Tricks for Home Terrace Garden Design

20 Tips and Tricks for Home Terrace Garden Design 2022

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to design your home terrace garden or Balcony garden, we have a few tips and tricks to help. Find out the best plants and flowers that can grow in your climate, as well as what style of the garden would look best with the property’s terrain. Read on for more information!

1. Consider your space

Before you begin your terrace garden design, it’s important to have a clear picture of how much space is available. Measure the total area and then list down the different areas that are part of your property. If you’re not sure where each element belongs, take note of any landmarks like trees or sidewalks; these can help guide you later on.

2. Determine which type of garden you want to make

Now that you know your area, it’s time to choose the theme for your garden. Do you prefer flowers or shrubs? Low-maintenance plants or perennials? Decorative rocks or a rock garden? Once you have a general idea of how you’d like your garden to look, you can begin choosing flowers and plants that match your criteria.

3. Add Tall Trees and Plants

To enhance greenery, plant bamboos in the corners and shrubs on the walls. As a result, your rooftop will transform into a beautiful garden where you can walk around, read books, and have fun.

4. Plant Conifer Trees in a Row

Conifers are beautiful, multifunctional shrubs that require little care. You can utilize these plants to hide out the unwanted neighbours’ sights and sounds.

5. Design a Rooftop Garden

You can design your own by placing synthetic grass on the terrace and adding tables and benches.

6. Plants must be different.

To give your terrace a vintage feel, use a combination of tall plants, flowers, a few small trees, grasses, and shrubs.

7. Create a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening is perfect for people who live in cities and have limited space. There are several vertical gardening ideas you can do, such as creating a vegetable planter or a DIY pot container.

8. Get the Suitable Furniture

To give your rooftop a retro vibe, add a couch, dining room features, and some chairs. You can spend your weekends alone or with your family here!

9. Include a Fountain

Fountains aren’t just for the countryside; they can also be used to decorate your rooftop terrace! To complete the look of your terrace garden, build a rectangular water body with a little statue in the middle.

10. Limit yourself to three colors.

Make sure the railing, chairs, containers, and walls all have the same or contrasting colours when creating your rooftop garden. Using a variety of shades can make your terrace appear congested and harsh.

11. The Value of Flooring

Keep in mind that the kind of floor you choose can greatly affect your rooftop garden, so choose wisely. It should be appropriate for the weather, the plants you wish to grow, and the overall look.

12. Use a wide range of natural plants

Grow a range of beautiful plants to help the terrace garden’s soothing effect. Planting shrubs, flowers, trees, and annual plants on the rooftop can help to balance the usage of cool and warm shades.

13. Placing a BBQ Grill

What else could be better than grilling on your terrace in the open air? Place a BBQ grill in your rooftop garden and cook mouthwatering meals such as BBQ chicken, Tandoori Afghani, and Seekh Kabab!

14. Lightning on the Ground

By placing glittering crystal balls around the border of your roof terrace garden, you may create a wonderful twilight view. To enhance the appearance of your garden, use a wide range of sizes and patterns.

15. Make Plants and Trees Light up

Lighting up your trees and plants is another brilliant idea to make your terrace garden more appealing in the evenings. Small Light bulbs and light chains could be used for this.

16. Lighting at the Entrance

You may enhance the charm of the terrace garden by placing traditional and tall lamps to the entry. Small brass statuary can also be placed near the lights.

17. Garden Lounge

Add eye-catching furniture, side tables, and music systems to your terrace garden to make it into an attractive area. This will be a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for you!

18. Rooftop Garden with a Bonsai Theme

Do you want to have bonsai trees? Grow several types of bonsai plants on your patio to express your affection. The Bodhi tree, Baobab tree, and Boxwood tree are all well-known examples.

19. Rooftop Garden in the Style of a Patio

Planters, flowering plants, fences, and chairs may transform your terrace into a lovely patio. To maintain privacy, huge plants can be grown along boundaries.

20. Use wall art to bring attention to your space.

Nothing matches painting amazing wall art on the terrace walls to enhance the beauty of your home terrace garden. It will give your garden a primitive and exotic feel.


Home terrace gardens are an excellent way to add more beauty and value to your home. To ensure that you get it right, follow these tips and tricks for designing a successful garden on the rooftop or in any other space available. For more information on how we can help make the process easier for you, please visit our website Air-Grow.

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