Top 10 programming languages

Top 10 programming languages in 2021

Every programmer’s most foremost asset is a programming language, which won’t just instruct the machine but controls the computing power. Here is today’s blog, we are going to list down the top 10 highest paying programming languages that will fetch a decent job.

1. Scala

Very first is Scala, one of the highest paying programming languages designed in the early 2000 decade to solve some problems that programmers commonly face in Java. Scala is in object-oriented and functional programming. The syntax is very close to English and easy to read and simple for beginners to learn. 

Its static type eliminates any bugs in the complex applications, JavaScript and JVM runtimes improve the development and access to vast libraries. Today, Scala is acquiring high popularity in ML, Data Science, and Big data.

2. Objective-C

This programming language is used for developing applications in the Apple network. It is exclusively used to develop Mac OS X & iOS. With the development of many new programming languages, Objective-C is still one of the most popular alternatives in the programmer’s community. Also, Apple’s interdependence on this programming language demands a high market. 

3. Go

Go programming language is an open-source application, developed by Google and introduced in 2009. Go can be actively used for projects within the company and many popular excellent WWW services (Netflix, SoundCloud, and Dropbox). In some previous years, Go has dramatically grown in popularity as its multithreaded tasks like efficient processing of the parallel processes, quick start-up, and using only memory when necessary. Go is known to be a server language and one of the highest paying programming languages of our future.

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4. R Programming Language

It is one of the befitting top most programming languages for data science in 2021. Since R is an interpreted language, it doesn’t need a compiler. R is also used in machine learning to explore data. It can be synchronized to work with data processing technologies such as Spark and Apache Hadoop.

5. Kotlin

On May 7, 2019, Google declared Kotlin as its preferred language for Android development. It’s an easily typed language that is developed by JetBrains. Kotlin offers an incline syntax that is easy to write and grasp. The best part is it runs on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and is 100% interoperable. Kotlin and JavaScript work for the backend & frontend development that makes it highly versatile Java codes can run on Kotlin and vice-versa making it immensely interoperable.

6. Python

 Python is an all-rounder and most efficient programming language, supports multiple operating systems that incorporates Windows, Linux, and iOS. Since python isn’t limited itself to development but is exceedingly used in Web development, Mathematical calculations, Machine learning, Data science, and much more. 

Certain platforms like Reddit, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, IBM and Youtube are built on Python so there is a high demand for python developers today. Click here to Enroll into Python Training

7. Java

We all have been using the Java language for a very long time , it is the most demanding programming language today. It is primarily used for developing various products in the banking sector and automated testing. Its Write Once Run Anywhere feature allows the code to be prepared on one machine and run on another. Java has been used vigorously for developing both mobile and server applications and is used as the tool to develop native Android apps.

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8. C#

C# programming language is a multipurpose open-source network developed by Microsoft. It is developed for software development, networking, and web development. Suppose you dream to work in the Microsoft community, make sure you master C# language. C# language is mainly used in mobile apps, web apps, backend systems, and many more.

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