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Top 10 Technology Trends In 2020 – Get Ready for it

A transformation in the technology sphere was already on track. The Covid 19 only accelerated the progress and forced businesses and even individuals to adopt the top technology trends not only to flourish but to survive in Covid-19 infected world.

What is remarkable about the Top technology trends of 2020 is that these are creating a whole new set of businesses and changing the shape of existing business forever. The trends are creating opportunities for entrepreneurs who can use imagination to better serve customers, find new customers and make customers come back for the same experience.

Let us see the Tech trends 2020 that are going to change the world for ever.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

In simple language, your computer will think and act likes a human being. It will be capable of performing the task that requires human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a multidisciplinary science that is changing and will continue to change every sector of the tech industry.

AI is being used in navigation application for:

  • Uber, 
  • search engine Google, 
  • Bing, voice assistants like Siri, and 
  • Streaming services like Netflix.
  • Robotic process automation

RPA is a software tool that will automate routine repetitive tasks to increase speed of delivery with zero defects. The same tasks become boring for humans, which increase chances of error. The humans will shift to higher value tasks.

Data is New Oil

Data is daily produced in a humongous way, and someone needs to make sense of data. Data science is helping companies, and businesses understand patterns and trends. as the best business trends ,the  corporate uses data to create new customers and improve its business further by predicting further trends on current data patterns.

Virtual Reality

A computer generates an environment or ambiance that gives the feel of a real-world to the user. The user sees this created in the real world through a virtual reality handset or hamlet. From enhancing our experience of video games to helping a doctor perform surgery, it will create new opportunities for students to learn better by immersing in a subject.

VR is also Used by the

  • U.S. Navy and Coast Guard for training by creating virtual ships  
  • Engineers, architects, doctors, students, journalists all use VR to enhance the quality of their services.

The internet of things

It is a network of devices connected to each other for sharing data. The connection is via Wi-Fi. The data sharing is about the environment in which devices operate. However, IOT is not only about connecting devices. It is also their remote access, by which you can

  • Close door of your car, 
  • Preset your geyser, ovens, etc. 
  • Your smart watch is one example of IOTs.

Edge Computing

Here the idea is to bring computing power close to the data source. This helps to reduce bandwidth and latency. The ultimate objective is to run fewer processes in the cloud and shift processes to the user’s system. This will enhance speed of the process as the gap between the server and the client is reduced.

The time sensitive data stored in remote locations with little connection to central locations is handled by edge computing. Cloud computing and IOT will only become faster.

3D Printing

It is the most exciting technology that is changing the face of printing. The technology creates three dimensional objects from a digital photo or file.

  • Currently 3D printing is used in almost all industries such as 
  • Designing of Consumer products (eyewear, footwear, design, furniture)
  • Manufacturing of industrial products, tools, prototypes, functional end-use parts)
    • Dental products 
    • reconstructing fossils
    • replicating ancient artifacts
    • Movie props

Digital Finance

The whole idea is based on digital technology. The aim is to give access to individuals and companies to finance, loans, savings, financial products, etc without needing to step inside a bank. Through digital finance, millions can access banking services without need for a physical building. Smartphones and even basic phones will be enough to access traditional and new financial services.

5 G Technology

5 G is a fifth generation mobile network that will connect everything and everyone together from machines, objects to devices and humans through smart phones.

As the hottest tech trend today, the 5G wireless technology will deliver huge data with unprecedented speed, with lower latency, more reliability, and availability to users. 5G take the mobile ecosystem to new realms. It will give us safer transportation, remote healthcare, and remote access to all gadgets at home.

Blockchain Technology 

The technology helps you store and share transactions, data, keep track of assets through digital ledger. This technology helps to eliminate the duplication of efforts which is happening on current in traditional business networks.

Once a record has been put in the ledger, you cannot change or temper the record. Food industry is using technology for the faster process of product picking, shipping and processing.

It is necessary to ensure that tech trends today are part of your business as a big corporate or as an individual entrepreneur, so you can participate in current and future business flow.

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