Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Toughest Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Would you like to explore something beyond ordinary and can rush your adrenaline like nothing else? Here are some of the toughest hikes in the Himalayas of India and why don’t you miss it.

The Indian Himalayas are majestic mountains that span five states: Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and West Bengal and Assam. The Himalayas are the most beautiful mountain ranges. The mountains are the source of several important rivers and tributaries that are responsible for regulating the weather conditions of the subcontinent.

Exotic fauna and flora live in the giant mountains of the Indian Himalayas. The Himalayas are a great destination for natural lovers, pilgrims, enthusiasts of adventure, and most tourists with lots of snow covered peaks, a stunning panorama, uniqueness of native culture and serenity in their environment.

The Indian Himalayas offer a wide range for adventure junkies, all of which offer the pleasure and thrill of trekking, skiing, paragliding, alpine touring and so on. Trekking is very popular in the Indian Himalayas as one of the adventures. This alpine location makes for great hiking paths. Treks are accessible to all three difficult levels in the Indian Himalayas: easy, medium and hard.

These giants, focusing on the difficult trails, have several challenging hikes, which will thrill every keen adventurer and make every trekking fanatic a must-have trip.

Why should you choose treks in Himachal?

Trekking in the Indian Himalayas is one of the most stunning and surprising adventure crazy experiences. In the Himalayas alone, the pleasure of trekking is not only stunning, so they are drawing swarms of tourists from all parts of the world.

Tourists have the opportunity to explore the high peaks of the Himalayas, incredible wildlife, delicious whitewater falls and so on. Adventure buffs can also gain insight into the lives of local inhabitants during trekking, enjoy their unique culture and the beautiful surroundings.

Tough hikes in the Himalayas offer a true endurance test for an adventurous trekker. In addition, these difficult hikes take place on demanding routes, and are therefore extremely pure. The calm paths provide some of nature’s most undiscovered delicacies. These walks give trekking people a once-in-a-lifetime, eternally engraved experience.

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What are the hardest hikes in Himachal?

The geography of the Indian Himalayas includes a range of rough hiking trails, which speed up the adrenaline of the adventurers. For that reason, passionate adrenalin seekers from all over the world are visiting the Indian Himalayas. Some of India’s toughest treks are as follows:

Trek to Chadar

The temperature of the Zanskar river region falls to -30 degrees, which leads to the frozen stream. This frozen river provides a path for adventure addicts to walk around with excitement. The Chadar Trek generally includes the path to the beautiful Zanskar Valley from Chilling. One of the most difficult treks in the Indian Himalayas, so on the Frozen River Trek there are things to remember. The landscape that the trail offers is untouched by its richness in winter when the trail leads into the gorge of Zanskar.

Col Trek of Auden

At a height of 5450 metres, Col Peak of Auden joins on one side the peaks of Gangotri III and Jogin I. The explorer reaches the very small crevasses on this difficult walking path. This journey requires a high level of competence in walking. The route starts in Gangotri and crosses luxuriant birch and pine woods. The amazing views of the snow-capped Himalayas inspire the freaks of adventure to go over the tough trek.

Trek of Kalindi Khal

This tour is called the Big Daddy of trekking in Uttarakhand, Garhwal Himalaya. Kalindi Khal Trek is an irregular path across glaciers and snow fields. The route extends from the valley of Bhagirathi to the valley of Alaknanda. The walk along this path begins at Gangotri and ends in Badrinath. Gomukh, Vasuki Tal, Nandanvan and Kalindi Khal are the fascinating locations on your way. In addition, during the journey you may also see several majestic summits such as Vasuki, Bhagirathi, Satopanth etc.

Trek of Trans-Zanskar

Trans-Zanskar Trekking is one of the most thrilling trekking activities in the gorgeous Ladakh area. For novices, this difficult hike is strongly prohibited. But for those specialists that want to test their endurance on a demanding course, this is one of the greatest treks. The thick snowfall which covers the entire region and results in an abysmally cold temperature is the challenge that makes the heart of the explorer beat. Darcha is the point of departure for this rugged topography, travelling via lovely peaks. This section features uphill mountains and streams of water. 


Trek Goecha

The Goecha La hiking experience is unlike any other Indian Himalayan hiking tour. The backdrop, indigenous people and the atmosphere are quite different from anywhere else. These facts are an incomparable experience for Goecha La Trek. Trekkers can stroll through woods of rhododendrons, stunning pastures and along this journey they will find the attractive streams of water.

Trek Valley of Markha

The Valley of Markha, located between Zanskar and Ladakh, is adjacent to the beautiful Buddhist culture. During hiking around Markha Valley, you may discover isolated towns, old monasteries, high-altitude passes, peaks such as the Kangyate and Nun-Kun peaks and wetlands such as the Nimaling. The path gives walkers a beautiful perspective of the Himalayas and walks through the Central Ladakh Valley, i.e. Stok La, Gandla and La Kongmaru at amazing high altitude crossings.

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