What Types of Custom Lipstick Boxes are Appealing for Targeting more Customers?

If you want to make your lipstick brand to be the successful one, then choosing colorful and stylish packaging ideas for custom lipstick boxes is something you should go for right now. Many new brands are coming into the market each day, and this has often raised the market competition as well. 

We all know that how much women are fond of applying lipsticks. In fact, they don’t like moving out of the house till the time they don’t add the beauty of lip color to their lips. A wise collection of lip shades are available in the market. But besides paying attention to the lip shades and the quality, paying small attention to the packaging of the boxes even play an equally important role. 

How to design custom lipstick boxes? 

When it comes to the packaging of the lipstick boxes, a variety of things are included in them. It would not be wrong to say that the engaging and outstanding look of the boxes plays a major role when it comes to grabbing the attention of customers. Customers will never force themselves to buy your product if they find the whole packaging dull and drab-looking. 

So for the creation of the packaging boxes, so many aspects are involved. A few of them are: \

  • Cost-effective in use and be the customized one
  • Use of esthetic styles
  • Attractive design patterns
  • Easy experience of unboxing 
  • Endow the smooth and extra raised surface of the lipstick packaging

How to add lipstick boxes with customization pattern effects?

When you plan to buy custom lipstick boxes, the first thing you should notice in the packaging is the customization of the boxes. It is a fact that customization is vital for captivating the customers because it designs the whole box according to their imaginations. 

On this matter, the packaging brands offer you to choose styles, material, design, and with some extra add-ons on the basis of brand requirements. Plus, you do have the choice in which you can go for the various styles of the boxed, which are cost-effective to deliver something in bulk. 

There are numerous brands in the market that have often picked the customization option for the packaging of their lip boxes. Those famous brands are:

  • L’Oreal pairs
  • NARS
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick
  • Burberry lip Velvet Crush
  • MAC
  • Marc Jacobs

Use of aesthetic styles in packaging boxes

You should never display your custom lipstick packaging boxes in a design and appearance which is dull and drab-looking. Lipstick is a beauty product; therefore, you should give the whole packaging with the finishing, which is colorful and attractive too. Usage of the aesthetic style is the best option to grab the attention of more audience towards your brand. 

You should follow some latest designs and find something which is unique and was never used by any other brand before. It would be rather the best option if you would create the combination of two styles into one to make it look different. Some of the common styles of lipstick packaging wholesale are: 

  • Flip-top box style 
  • 2-pieces style in a cylindrical shape
  • Sleeve box designs 
  • Auto bottom box 
  • Tuck-in box design
  • Seal end box design
  • Double-sided box packaging  

Use of attractive design patterns for packaging boxes

Through some appealing style, the amazing ostentatious design pattern is also a viable option for the increment of your brand growth. Custom printed finishing on the lipstick boxes will help your brand to find a certain increase in sales growth. 

You can often add the lipstick packaging boxes with some mesmerizing design pattern with which you can add the box with some attractive designs. Therefore, just like the style, the design pattern has to be inimitable and should be delivering the brand message appropriately. 

If your sold lipstick has some tulip or rose pinks shades, then using floral with the earthy tones in the packaging designs is the best option. Few other listing pattern designs for the custom printed lipstick boxes are: 

  • Intricate use of drawing lines
  • Vector gold designs amazing patterns
  • Floral patterns with extra vivid colors
  • Bold letters with unique fonts
  • Cool color having the black touch
  • Metallic shades along with 3D designs
  • The abstract design having holographic patterns

Quick and easy experience of unboxing in lipstick boxes

If you really want to comfort your customer, make sure that you do add the packaging with the ease of unboxing as well. If ease is not given, then this might irritate the customer, and they will avoid purchasing your product at that moment. Therefore, make sure that the box is made just according to the requirements having easy closures. You should never merge the unboxing style into three different styles. Try to avoid sleeve box style with the cushions and tray material.

Smooth finishing for Custom Lipstick Packaging

Being the brand owner, it is your right to find the accurate style of the lipstick box packaging, which stands according to your wishes. But at the same time, to target more audiences, you should consider their needs as well. You can add the boxes with the shiny and glossy touch with some extra vibrant add-ons. Few other options for custom lipstick packaging can be:

  • You can have the box add up with UV gloss coating, which is helpful to protect the packaging from harmful radiation. It even endows the whole box with glossy and smooth packaging finishing. 
  • Aqueous coating is known to be the form of waterproof coating, and hence it protects your whole packaging printing against any sort of damage and any melting.
  • The embossing effect is excellent for endowing the high raised-up surface through the surrounding material. It is also used for the logo or the brand name.

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If you really want your custom lipstick boxes to look attractive on the retail shelves, then make sure you do follow the guidelines we did share with you above. Look for the latest packaging designs and make sure they do display your brand message attractively. 

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