Limitations of Canada ETA

What are the Limitations of Canada ETA?

There is a limitation of the Canada eta and it is valid for 5 years’ time, the eta Canada visa also restricts your stay in the Canadian territory to stay during a particular visit. You can stay for 6 months during your stay in the Canadian territory, if you want to stay longer than 6 months during a particular stay, you need to let the authorities know about this to avoid any inconvenience. The Canada eta allows you multiple entries to the country, and you can’t exceed from the 6 months’ time during each entry.

In this article, we are discussing dome of the limitation of the Canada eta:

There is no extension of Canada eta: 

You can’t extend the Canada eta visa, once it has been expired after the validity of it, you need to apply again for the Canada e visa, you would be considered as a new applicant and all the new rules and regulations would apply to your new application of esta Canada, the authorities just consider you had already taken the Canada eta before, but they are going to apply the new and updated rules to your Canada eta application. 

This is because the rules and regulations are going to be updated after some period of time. The visa rules are going to be changed after some time, so you need to submit all the documents and fees according to that time.

What happens if your passport expires? 

There is also a limitation of the Canada eta, that it would readily expire, if your passport is expired, the main reason for that is that the Canada eta is a connected document to your passport, when your passport is expired then the Canada eta visa automatically expires. Now the applicant first has to acquire the new passport from their prospective country and then reapply for your passport. 

It is better to let the authorities know that your passport is near to expire and then reapply for the passport renewal before its expiration and then you would be eligible for again applying for the Canada eta, but now all the new rules and regulations would apply, as you are asking for a brand-new Canada eta against a brand new passport number.

You can use it only for Air travel: 

The Canada eta is only used when you are travelling by air into the country, if you are travelling via a cruise ship or by train, then you need other forms of documentation to enter the country. The different documents are also required if you are entering the country by bus or by your private car or vehicle, here there is no use of the Canada eta visa. 

This is also another limitation of the Canada eta. The Canada eta is only for the passengers travelling to the country by air. So, you need to take that into consideration when you are using the Canada eta for travelling to the country. The Canada eta is still one of the best travelling documents to travel to Canada.

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