What is SEO Content Writing?

SEO is the basic tool of content writing and without SEO you can never take your content high which calibrates your ideas and knowledge, and you may end up somewhere in page 50 or 60 of search results. With SEO you can rank your content and be visible to markets where you could create a sensation with your information.

All you need to know is how to write content with effectiveness and what are the basic elements needed to make your SEO hard work easy and prosperous.

SEO content writing needs to be much more effective and easier, read and learn what are the tools that you need while doing SEO and writing content. This will help you in the long term.

Here are the Some Steps for SEO Content Writing

1. SEO Connect writing with the audience first

Making your audience connect with you is the very first priority in SEO content writing. Though many companies show they are being connected they do make content but for wrong reasons.

  • The correct way is to write content that appeals to your target audience which is known to be your market, try to answer their questions and do not try to play with your audience.
  • Pick up content topics which though not be just about product and services but should be industry related.
  • The key to success in content writing is asserting your company and industry as an expert and writing informative and interesting content to run faster than your competition.

2. Give credit to self

  • Keep your SEO content writing original and under one roof, means apart from hosting two-three blogs.
  • Either on WordPress or Blogger or anywhere else you can put unique contents on your domain hosted by you.
  • This will help you in showcasing videos, infographics or whitepapers uniquely and with credibility.
  • The best way to put things on your website is to embed them and share from there, you can fetch a lot of audience from there.

3. Keep attracting headlines – SEO Content Writing

  • Just remember while SEO content writing that you have limited texts to make a very big impression.
  • So, try to write effective and attracting headlines, this will create a buzz among the audience and they will feel the need to know what’s next.
  • Try to write headlines that sound clear, interesting and use rich keywords so as to get attention quicker.
  • As a tip, try to write meta descriptions which must sound interesting and then can further elaborate on the topic of your article.
  • Your title and meta descriptions must show up the keywords used in the search result.

4. Use keyword effectively

  • Try to be more relevant in using rich keyword phrases in your SEO content writing and also in your headlines so that the audience and the search engines come to know what you are posting and what it is about.
  • But the major drawback is that some content writers use too many keywords which disconnects readers and could end you up in facing search engine penalty for stuffing keywords.
  • Try to be more natural in writing and only use keywords in the blog tags option by tagging relevant keywords instead of using throughout the body of your post.

5. Stick to the format

Don’t try to break trends uselessly, and without knowing the consequences, content writing in format is healthier to engage readers while reading your content, otherwise, they will feel that your content is unorganized and informal, the audience will skip your post and you will fail to grow.

Try to break your content in short paragraphs by effectively using headlines so that your content reads easily and engages your audience.

6. Incorporate imagery

  • SEO Content writing just does not mean that your post must be text-rich, yet it should include relevant images that pop up while reading.
  • Audiences love to see visuals, and reading about the images, to see that what you write or show is in real, this makes people trust the author more.
  • Make people visualize what you want to say by seeing images. Try to spread your blogs by uploading images pinned with your blog on Pinterest to promote yourself.
  • This will create traffic. Not just images, you can embed videos and then share the blog on YouTube with your link.

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7. Be a buzz on social media

  • These days social media are on a boom, where you can easily make anything trend and break the record.
  • So, try to post on every social media platform so that you gather an audience from everywhere and then engage them.
  • Promote your content writing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn by posting with Images and Link and sharing over groups.
  • So, this will help you in growing among the various communities. Try to post with descriptions and call-to-action.

8. White link building

  • SEO links are the most important factor in ranking the page or post.
  • So, not just SEO content writing is important for SEO, link building is also an effective tool but must be used wisely and correctly.
  • Like you can embed a link of one post, image, or video on one page and then could do vice versa this will connect your audience to you only and this will give a creative aspect to your SEO work.
  • Creating good content will help up in increasing share rates and liking among the websites.

9. Monitor your efforts

  • To stay on the top of your SEO ranking you have to monitor regularly where you are ranked and who is creating a tough competition for you.
  • For monitoring use simple tools like Google Analytics which will help you in tracking your page views and the time spent data of your page.
  • You can also check for bounce rates and user interaction time.
  • High drop off with low average time spent on the page is also an indication that you need to furnish your content writing because it was not appropriate to viewer satisfaction.
  • To check for the virality of your page try to give attention to interaction options data, share rates or like rates.


SEO Content writing is easy and healthy to show your various skills and create a boom in the market. Just knowing of certain facts and formats you can easily take off with your writing skills. Be sure to engage with your audience with full power and concrete relationships.

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