What To Keep in Your Car Road Trips

What to Keep in Your Car Road Trips

You plan a road trip with your buddies on a fine Sunday morning as the city has zero Covid cases now after such a long time. You are supercharged and just coming out of your travel anxiety as you have spent months without going out of the city.

 All of you meet at your place all super excited to spend the rest of the day and you start driving your car. 

The vibe is getting euphoric, all singing to each other’s tune on your fav playlist and all of a sudden you get a flat tire in the middle of the road. 

You think you have the car toolkit in place but unfortunately you forgot to load it in your car and your Sunday goes on a break.

A road trip in your leisure time always sounds good, but it’s also necessary to think about what things you will need to load in your car to keep your trip safe and hassle-free on the road. 

Either you are going on a cross country road trip or driving from one Coast to another across the states, we have come up with a Supreme Road Trip Packing Guide. This will help you through any type of road trip basics PLUS any other crucial things needed for a road trip. 

It’s essential to pack light on a country road trip or someplace else. And we hope you have done your car maintenance before starting.

The Supreme Road Trip Packing List: Essential Road Trip Accessories

So here are a few quick tips and a list of essential things that you should carry while being on a road trip. 

1. First Aid Kit:

You should carry a good first aid kit while being on a road trip. Sometimes, it becomes a lifesaver when you meet a small mishap. It is great for wounds. And you can just wrap that with some bandages or put some ointment on the burn or cut you may get.

First aid kits are inexpensive and a must-have, whether it is your normal day or you are planning for a road trip.

2. Water:

Carry at least a gallon of water while you are on a road trip. Water is essential not just for your car but also for you. It can be used as your car’s coolant. It serves as the windshield wiper tank, too. And you can drink and get hydrated as well if you get stranded at some barren place.

3. Car Repair Kit: 

Always carry an efficient car repair kit when you are on a road trip. As your car can collapse or break at any time. You can get stranded at an unknown barren place due to that. So, keeping a car repair kit with yourself can help you to repair it and escape any unwanted situation.

4. Lasting Snacks:

Do not forget to pack some lasting snacks before starting. Food is mandatory for us and we should carry some thinking about any bad situation we may face.

 Carry some dry fruits, cookies, crackers, nuts and granola with you. If you get stranded somewhere there is no shop then they will save you. Or you can save some money by eating those and not buying food from stalls.

5. Flashlight and Batteries:

Keep a flashlight with you. It can be helpful at night. You should also keep some extra batteries with you. They will help you in case the batteries in your torch run out.

6. Glow in Dark Warning Triangles:

Keep 3 numbers of glows in dark warning triangles with you. If you get immobilized at night somehow, place them at the front, right and back of your car approximately 50 feet apart. This will make the oncoming traffic know your position.

7. Fire Extinguisher:

Be prepared for the fire in your vehicle you may face while you are on a road trip. Try to get a fire extinguisher for Class B and Class C type fire. 

Such fire extinguishers will eliminate the fire due to flammable liquids and electrical equipment. These are the types of fire that can break out in a vehicle. So you must have it in your mind.

8. Tire Gauge:

It is important to check the air in your both working and spare tires before starting your trip or while being on it. This is a handy tool and you must carry it on a road trip. Or else you may find both your running and spare tires inflated in the middle of your trip. And nothing to do but call a car repair service nearby.

9. Multipurpose Tool:

Pack a multipurpose tool set in your bag before setting off. Most of us have it at home or else you can also buy it from any car accessories shop. The toolset may include scissors, knives, screwdrivers, files etc. This toolset comes in many uses from major to minor.

10. Tire Sealant:

Carry some foam-based tire sealant, too. It will come in useful if you get a punctured tire at some remote place with no auto shop nearby. It will help you to get rid of that irritating situation and also save your time.

11. Jumper Cables:

Jumper cables should be packed to avoid a stranded situation due to a dead car battery. The cables should be a minimum of 10 feet long and coated with a minimum of 8 gauge rubber.

Take away

So, these are all the important tools and stuff you should pack before going on a road trip in your car. Cars can face issues at any time due to multiple reasons. 

And by carrying those you may not avoid all of the issues but you can save yourself from the extreme exhaustion and get a bit comfortable. So, get ready a checklist for these and pack all of them carefully.

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