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To Know About Work Cited Page in a Report with Examples

The work cited page is the list of sources that are being used in report writing. Technical writing subjects use the work cite page to provide the reader with a list of resources. Most of you must be familiar with the incite references and bibliography. The incite references are ones that have been given inside the text lines. It gives a reference to the ending bibliography. The in-cite text has the author’s name and the year. This style of reference is in use by university students. A bibliography or reference list is the detailed information of authors and journals. A bibliography has more than one element. This information starts from the author, year, source information, numbering, and then ends on the issue number. 

There are various synonym terms in use for the Work Cited page. For example, you can cite a reference, quotation, mention, or acknowledgement. You can use any term in verbal language, but the meaning will be the same. You can use reference tools for this purpose as well. Its applications are most common in publications, presentations, case, and work reports. It directs the reader towards original information. It also gives a proper idea of the question.

Use of Citation Tools:

The easiest to use and common in use references tool can be handy. You can use Zotero, a Microsoft reference toolkit to create the MLA formatted Work Cite Page.  The references created by these tools are easier to handle. They are accurate as well. You can also follow the general APA style of referencing. This style is most common in psychological, and science publications. 

Some things to know about the Work Cited pages are as follows;

  • Work cited pages appear at the end of the research paper.
  • It is different from a bibliography.
  • A bibliography is the list of references at end of the research document. 

The Work Cited Page references for the sources are different from these.  Here is the information that will help you analyse the basics of the Work Cited Page. The references are in APA style and are being used for most of the articles. 

You need to know what a Work Cited page is. A Works cited page is the reference list of sources of work you use in the text, or body of the research. 

Format to follow in the Work Cited Page:

  • The format of the worksite is like the modern Language Association (MLA).
  • Works cited references are for the information you used in text, or body of the research. 
  • Most of the schools and some universities use this format.
  • The header is in the centre. 
  • Be aware of the punctuations. Use colon and semicolons according to requirements. 
  • The page should be apart from the next page. 
  • The next page should be 6 spaces down from the top. 
  • The numbering of the page should be in line with the whole document. For example, if the work page is coming at 8, it will have the number 8. 
  • The referencing is in alphabetic order.
  • The heading should be double spaced below it.
  • The margins are flush from the left side.
  • It is in the MLA format with a hyperlink. 
  • Initialising the tile of the famous persons is important in this aspect. This includes authors, books, articles, also magazines. It also includes sources of the information as well. 
  • Use Quotation marks around the quoted information. This can be taken from arguments, articles, or journals. 
  • You must use the last name of the author first as we do in the references. 

Elements of the Work Cite Page:

According to a dissertation help firm, there are 9 elements of the Work Cited page. These are highlighted as follows;

  1. The source starts with the ‘Author’.
  2. The title of the source can be the journal or article that you used. 
  3. The title of containers is the source of information. It is a large body that holds the information.
  4. Other contributors are sources of information.
  5. Version is the number of times when the work is being published. 
  6. The number refers to the pages, and volume number for which the source is being published. 
  7. The publisher is a large company that publishes the information. 
  8. Publication date is the date on which the article or source was being published.
  9. Location is the place where the source is being located. This location can be a place of the journal’s publishing house. 

Work cited page is most common in the website material too. You can see citations in most of the documents. It gives detailed information on sources that are being used in the work. You can use the citation references to give a holistic image of the work references. 


To understand proper elements and formatting you can see the following examples; 

Example of a Journal Publication:

Elite M., John B. et al. Changes of the atmospheric gases in the layers. Journal of InterSpace Communication. Vol: 3. P23-62. 2021.

Example of a Book Publication:

Emma, N., Ran, L. et al. The Book of Lies. John Hopkins. Inc. 1972

Example of an Essay:

Julia Roberts. “Terrorism is a curse” Farmer Write. Edited by the Parker Lane, New Heavens Book. 2018.

You can follow the guidelines and formatting to construct your own Work Cited Page. It can be impossible to include all references using specific formulas. The most common formula is of APA style formatted references list. Keep in mind that only optimised sources should be used. These include work cited page management tools.


The worksite page reference sources are different from a bibliography. These are also different from the in-text citations. Most students confuse themselves with too much information. The Work Cited Page is a page inserted in the body of the text containing the reference sources. This page looks like the bibliography. It has all the APA formatting in it just like a bibliography. But the major difference is in the MLA based setting and formatting. This reference style gives the reader a direct link to the original, and in-text information.

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