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Writing for us is an ideal way to display your expertise and do establish yourself being an expert in the field. Choosing us will also make you have SEO benefits indeed. Since we are already getting a wide array of guest post requests, we have truly decided to add a “Write For Us” page clearly describing the guidelines. Here, it needs to mention that we are indeed quite picky regarding what we do publish. 

Write Well-Researched Posts Along With Actionable Tips –

What we lie is relevant and well-researched posts with actionable tips. Your post must be 100% original as well as unpublished. Once it will be on our site, you may go ahead to republish it on your websites and blog. Make sure that you put on a short disclaimer at the end to state that it first appeared on iWebPartner adding a link back to the original post.

Add Relevant Images To Illustrate Your Points 

Here, it needs to mention that any claim you are supposed to make must be backed by a link to research or case studies. Make sure that the best blog post comes up with relevant images to illustrate your point. To avoid stock photos, which do not add any value to the copy. 

Why Should You Write For Us –

  • Because iWebPartner blog readers do come from different walks of life all across the world. 
  • Being a reputed brand, we believe in creating clear and compelling content indeed.
  • Here, it needs to mention that most of our audience are marketers or people familiar with the field. 
  • Moreover, our blog is a reputable library of information and insights where they may go ahead to learn and share best practices. 

So, do keep all these important things while writing your post and you would be creating valuable content seen by some of the world’s highly experienced marketing professionals.

Here are the few categories that we accept articles from:
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Fashion
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Internet Marketing
  • News
Write for Us Guideline:
  1. Minimum 800+ word
  2. 100% Unique (original) article.
  3. No Spin Content (Avoid spinner tools)
  4. Link allowed in Author bio section
  5. Minimum 1 images per article
  6. 2 links to your website or blog acceptable.
  7. Will provide a do-follow link


The process is quite simple. You just need to send us an email with your guest post on this id: info@iwebpartner.com or smithsteve2012@gmail.com

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